Sunday, February 20, 2011

McCanns heading soon to meet up with Ed Smart.?..sure they are, Madeleine is in the says armchair Slueth Marcelino Italiano...his name a very roughly translated anagram of International Criminale ......conicidence ? with the Royal wedding hogging the limelight, who would be interested in the McCanns 'Book of Deceit'...MURDOCH will make sure the American people are BUT one small item will be missing from the McCanns book, the forensic evidence...well it WAS there and then it was'nt....!!!!!! Anyway the McCanns just want you to buy their book as they are a little short on cash, the 'good doctors' are directors of the private company they claim is a 'search for Madeleine fund' and when they arrive they will try to tell you the money is needed to search for their daughter..The McCanns, will not tell you that the Portuguese Police are waiting for Madeleines parents to ask them to re-open the investigation. They cannot also explain why they moved a cot from their bedroom into the bedroom they allege Madeleine was taken from 'to stage' an abduction and make the world believe all the children were together.