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Profiler Pat Brown on James Henesee

A Short Profile of James Henslee and the Murders of Amy Henslee And Tonya Howarth

(pictured left: James Henslee, Junior Lee Beebe, Amy Henslee)

Note: James Henslee is not a suspect at this time nor am I saying he is guilty of any crime. He may be a purely innocent victim in this horrible tragedy. However, as a criminal profiler, I find good reason that James Hensle should be furthered investigated and properly eliminated as a participant in the murders of Amy and Tonya (or brought to justice if sufficient evidence is found to connect him to the crime).

I know this is not going to be a very popular profile considering the terrible tragedy of the brutal murders of Amy Henslee and Tonya Howarth, especially now that Junior Lee Beebe is in custody and charged with killing them.

There is no denying that the women were shot to death on his property and buried on his property. However, I believe this is not the whole story and I hope the detectives make darned sure that Beebe acted alone and no one else is involved in the murders of Amy and Tonya.

From the beginning, the story told by James Enslee bothered me and each interview with him sent up red flags. Although there can always be bad reporting that colors one’s perception or facts missing or simply not facts at all, James Enslee’s behaviors and statements never sat right with me.

In spite of many people claiming he could just be a very loving husband, I believe James was a very controlling husband.

 In his latest interview, he actually states he calls home four to five times a day, not just at 10 AM.

Considering he also comes home for lunch, this means he contacts his wife nearly every hour during the work day. This is extremely concerning behavior. Also concerning is that Amy is home without a car, a cell phone, or a computer.

 While it has been tossed about maybe they just don’t want to spend their money on those things or that they prefer a simple life or that they did have two cars (just one wasn’t working), and she did have a cell phone that was out of minutes, one has to also wonder why she also stopped going to college and quit working.

 It was said there were financial problems and that is why she stopped going to school but this does not explain why she quit her job as well (and if there were financial problems, it seems to me the job would help alleviate them).

The next question is why would Junior Lee Beebe come and take Amy home to kill her but she wasn’t a bit afraid of him. And why if Amy left with Beebe and she knew her husband expected her to answer the phone, didn’t she call him and tell him she was going out with Beebe (and, perhaps, Tonya).

If James were involved in a planned murder of his wife, having his cousin come in broad daylight doesn’t seem the greatest idea, especially with the Neighborhood Watch lady right across the street (she is the one who saw the black truck and a girl getting into it). If this wasn’t a prearranged plan between James and Junior Beebe, then James did not know about Beebe coming by.

Therefore, Beebe either forced Amy into the car by gunpoint (but there seems to be no evidence of a handgun and no shotgun seen by the neighbor and it isn’t a likely scenario) or he used a ruse (“James told me to come get you” …which means Amy doesn’t need to phone James to tell him), or Amy went willingly with Beebe because she wanted to.

 Perhaps, since she had no purse with her, she was just going to hang out with Beebe and Tonya for an hour or so and then have Beebe bring her back. Maybe, she stayed to long and this leads me to the most likely scenario I can come up with at this time.

James calls home at 10 AM and gets no answer. He keeps trying and when a half hour passes, he wonders where his wife is and drives home.

He is not so much worried as he is pissed. He gets home and finds she has left but without her purse. He likely knows exactly what this means. He knows exactly where to go look for her. He drives over to Beebe’s and finds her there. What he thought was happening when he came into Beebe’s home, especially if he is the very jealous, possessive type, and what was really happening, we would probably never know for sure.

 If James became enraged, then it is possible he was the one who picked up the shotgun and lost control. Beebe, while seeming to admit to killing Tonya, says he did not kill Amy. That is rather unusual considering the circumstances. But, perhaps, he is telling the truth. If James killed Amy with Beebe’s shotgun and Tonya started freaking out and saying they needed to call the police, it is possible Beebe panicked and killed her. Now the two men are stuck with a bad situation and need to deal with it.

The women are buried in the back.

 Maybe James helps with some of the digging and then says he has to leave and for Beebe to finish it up.

He goes home and calls the parents to start his alibi and appearance of innocence. He claims he was “cruising” around town looking for Amy to cover the time he is at Beebe’s and to account for the possibility of his car being seen anywhere on the roads. He does not say he went any specific place because he didn’t actually do that.

 When he arrives home, he “hangs out” with Amy's parents waiting for the moment when his two boys come home because, at this point in time, the reality of Amy not coming home is impossible to deny.

If any of my theory is true, there would be no evidence of phone calls from the time he arrived home the first time until the time he arrived home the second time.

If he were really looking for Amy in town, I would think he might also make phone calls to friends and relatives (unless he does not have a cell, in which case, it would be odd if he didn’t make phone calls to friends and relatives before he started cruising around town).

If my theory is true, he should have no alibi between his first arrival at home and the second. No one in town will have seen him.

If James was involved, a cover-up would have gone more smoothly had not the neighbor lady actually seen Beebe’s truck at the house. Now, James has a problem. He clearly had to know Beebe was at his house on Monday; by that evening he would have talked to the neighbors to find out if they saw anything.

Yet, the police do not go to Beebe’s property to look for Amy. James does not go there either, in spite of the fact the neighbor tells him a girl got in the black truck that came to his house (and he has to know it would be Amy and no one else).

Why does James not go beat down Beebe’s door looking for his wife? Why does he not tell the police that he thinks Beebe has her and might have done something to her? It appears the information doesn’t get to the police for a couple of days when they get a tip in about the black vehicle. The information should have come from James, not a tip, if he was not involved in the crime.

Eventually, it seems, James admits he knew about the black truck but “he had already ruled that out”.

This is odd language (he actually uses a lot of police lingo when discussing the disappearance of his wife which is not uncommon for guilty parties) and an odd choice considering that this was the one and only lead and, like James said himself, “Someone she knows MUST have stopped by…”.

 If Amy went with that “someone who stopped by that she knew” and James knew who that someone was, when Amy didn’t come back from Beebe’s like a good wife should, he should assume she is being held against her will and go save her. But, he never bothered. In fact, he never talked again to his cousin and good buddy, which considering Beebe knew Amy was missing, was weird in itself.

In all of his statements that I have analyzed (and for a more thorough and excellent statement analysis, check out Peter Hyatt’s conclusions at Statement Analysis of James Henslee and James Henslee: Statement Analysis), I find a repetitive use of the phrase “safe at home” or some variant of it.

I believe James means this; IF Amy had stayed home, she would have been safe; safe from others and safe from his own reactions when he finds her with others. I find James inappropriately emotionless through his early interviews, but appropriately emotional when he speaks of her body being found (but whether that is because he fears he is now in big trouble or this is when it hits him full force that the nightmare actually happened and Amy isn’t coming home).

Then, he is way too cheery and ready to move on in life in his interview after Beebe’s arrest - so soon after the discovery of his wife’s murder and who murdered her, you would expect a different demeanor.

Finally, his response when questioned about what he would say to Junior Beebe is very telling. You can see a bit of rage suppressed and then he says,

“"Ask him what the hell is wrong with him." Why would James care what was wrong with him? He didn’t simply piss on your front lawn (“What the hell is wrong with you, Bro?) or got drunk and made a pass at your wife (“What the hell is wrong with you, Asshole? We’re friends and that’s my damned wife?). Beebe supposedly premeditatedly abducted and murdered James’s wife and the mother of his children, destroyed his life, and the angriest thing he can come up with is “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Maybe what is happening is that James is blaming Beebe for what led to the murder of the women and not for the murder of his wife.

 And, if this is true, I hope the police continue to search out the motive for the crimes and make sure James is not as innocent a victim as he claims and as many people believe him to be. Maybe he should take that polygraph after all.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

The BIGGEST missing person fraud in England

The BIGGEST missing person fraud in America....

Amy Henslee: James Henslee speaking about his wife

For the first time since his wife was found dead, James Henslee is speaking about the crime that has left a community in shock.

James Henslee lost his wife, his best friend, the mother of his two sons this week.  Now, he wants everyone to know what a wonderful woman was lost, and to see changes in the way missing persons cases are handled, in hopes that no one else will feel the pain he feels tonight.

A tiny woman with a huge heart - that is how James Henslee wants the world to remember his wife, Amy Henslee. "Oh, man, those big brown eyes and the smile, nobody could resist her, you know?" James said.  "There were times she would go up to the school and everybody would hug her, hug Miss Amy, she just has that affect on people you know? Everybody loves her."

 Amy disappeared Monday morning from their home in Hartford Township.  When James called around 10 a.m. and she didn't answer, he knew something must be wrong.  He came home at 10-30 to find her coat and shoes gone, but her purse and ID were still there.

Missing You Foundation and Mid-Michigan Working Dogs contacted James and offered to search for Amy.  "They're comforting, and they have a lot of confidence in their dogs and it shows.  those dogs are something else," James said. He asked them to look at a cousin's property.

One of the dogs found a pool of blood Thusday, so Deputies and State Police searched the area.  Amy and Tonya Howarth were shot to death, buried together near a camper four miles from the Henslee home.

Telling the boys, Jonah and Jared, that their mother was dead was one of the hardest things James has ever done.   "I just told them that I talked to God, and he said that he needed their mother so she could make a difference in the world, so she could help other people," James said.

James cousin, Junior Lee Beebe, Junior, is charged with killing Amy and Tonya. What would he say to Beebe now?  "Ask him what the hell is wrong with him," James said.

Now, James want's a change in the policy for dealing with Missing persons.  He calls it Amy's Wish. "This 24 to 48 hour waiting period?  If someone knows there is something definitely wrong I believe it should be investigated immediately."

January 28, 2011 05:04 PM

Two bodies were found partially buried Thursday night, both mothers of two.  Amy Sue Henslee, and Tonya Howarth.  Junior "BJ" Beebe has been charged with their murders.

The weapon used was a shotgun, which has been retrieved, said police.

Tonya Howarth, 36, was in a relashionship with James Henslee's cousin, Junior Lee Beebe, 34, who is unemployed. Beebe was arraigned Friday morning with a court-appointed attorney on two counts of open murder and felony firearms charges. He appeared casual and yawned during the proceedings. The judge denied bond.

Judge Robert Hentchel asked "BJ" if he was aware of the charges in Henslee's death, "Did or didn't? No I didn't," Beebe answered.

Junior Beebe's Criminal Record:

  • 06/05/1995 - Misdemeanor,  larceny in a building
  • 11/24/1996 - Misdemeanor, possession of marijuana
  • 7/6/1997 - Weapons charges, possesion & use of self-defense spray device.
  • 8/22/1999 - Misdemeanor, disturbing the peace
  • 8/29/2001- Driving while impaired
  • 4/11/2004 - Driving while impaired
  • 9/15/2005 - Driving violation, malicious destruction of property
Van Buren County Sheriff Lt. Bill Lux told a judge Friday morning that Beebe showed up at his trailer while officers were on the scene. He gave a verbal confession to a female sergeant. That gave police the probable cause to search the trailer, said Lux.

For friends and neighbors of "BJ" Beebe, it's still sinking in.  He's described to be a helpful person to have had around.  Neighbors say Beebe and his two sons lived with his mom in their family home in more at link,0,7836775.story

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UTAH Susan Powell is missing and police seem to have let the 'ONLY' person of interest, her husband, walk away .....

Susan Powell: is this another case of UTAH Law and that they take 'care' of their own. Josh was of great interest to the police and then suddenly although he is the ONLY person of interest is allowed to walk. This stinks....Josh has a lawyer who ONLY handles high profile cases and 'a witness' who saw Susan after her husband....and police will not comment on the wet rug being dried by two fans... the womans dead and there seems no interest in finding her body....Yep UTAH have their OWN rules...

Police Increasingly Suspicious of Missing Utah Mom's Husband

Published December 17, 2009
| AP
Authorities have upgraded their investigation into the disappearance of a Utah mother to a criminal probe and say her husband's "lack of cooperation" has made them increasingly suspicious of him.

Susan Powell, a 28-year-old mother of two young children, was reported missing Dec. 7, when she didn't show up for work. She was last seen a day earlier.

"Every lead we've been offered so far would leave us to believe this is out of character (for Susan) and thus suspect foul play is involved," West Valley City Asst. Police Chief Craig Black said Wednesday.

He said that her husband, Josh Powell, has not been named a suspect but investigators are highly interested in him.

"Josh's unusual lack of cooperation for a husband looking for his wife with the police department, you know, it certainly causes us to ask questions as to why would he do things to exclude the resources that we can bring to the table to find Susan," Black said.
Josh Powell said he went camping with their boys, ages 2 and 4, in subfreezing temperatures about 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 7 and returned in the evening.

But Josh Powell has been uncooperative in providing any details that might explain what happened to his wife, Black said.

Among other things, Josh Powell hasn't specified where he went camping or where he was all day on Dec. 7, he said.

"That would be awesome if he would be willing to cooperate on that level and take us to his camp site," Black said.

Powell has told police he went camping in Simpson Springs on the historic Pony Express Trail in Utah's west desert — an area of thousands of square miles — that is now covered in snow.

Josh Powell on Tuesday did provide a DNA sample to police, as did several other family members.

Josh Powell's attorney, Scott Williams, a defense attorney who often defends high-profile clients, described the DNA testing as routine in such cases.

Williams disputed allegations made by police that his client had been uncooperative.

"Despite our continued invitation to be contacted with questions we received no contact from the police today (Wednesday) and as to the nature of prior information, we have answered all questions posed to us since Monday morning," he said. "Josh continues to favor attention on finding Susan and has been cooperating and providing information to that end."

Black reiterated that Josh Powell has given them little information of value.

"Any reason as to why she would've disappeared either of her own accord or because of some type of other foul play, he has not been cooperative with that," he said.

The Powell home was locked when officers initially arrived and they broke in, fearing the family had suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Susan Powell's father, Charles Cox of Puyallup, Wash., said police found a wet spot in the home being dried by two fans, but police have declined to comment on that.

Investigators said there were no signs of forced entry at the home and they found Susan Powell's purse and cell phone there.

Susan Powell was last seen by someone other than her husband on Dec. 6 — a family friend who ate dinner with her at the couple's home following church.

The family has planned a news conference in the Seattle area on Thursday, according to a posting on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook page.

Effeminate Ed Smart rants about 'assault and molestation' of Elizabeth who did NOT bond with her 'monster'...and yet Ed did not take his daughter to the hospital or ask for any forensic tests to see if she had any type of disease from this 'monster'..he sounds jealous when it is even suggested by an expert, who he calls 'the fellow' ( ignorant Ed)..that Elizabeth had an affection for Mitchell...there is so much more to this story and one day maybe someone will spill the beans...In UTAH ? who am I kidding....

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As this blog is about exposing liars...seems we have another to add to the list

Friday, January 28, 2011

Statement Analysis of Amy Hensley's Husband

Now that the cousin has been arrested, did the husband know? Is he involved?
His own statements will tell us. Thus far, we have one sample, howbeit small, that raises red flags, especially the inclusion of emotions.

Police should listen carefully when he speaks, in particular, to any questions he asks.

If he asks any hypothetical questions about the case being tied to him, it is a red flag for guilt.

Here is his statement with the analysis in bold type.
The bold type within his statement is added by me.

"My first initial thought, someone she knows must have stopped by and she must have gone to town or something real quick and she figured she'd be back because she knows I'm home by lunch. I took a cruise up town and still nothing and that's when I came back and she still wasn't here and I was starting to get little worried. So at that point I was really getting worried. I had no clue and I called her parents and they came over and hung out with me and said 'don't worry until the boys get off the bus. If they get home and she's not here, then we'll start worrying.' We need Amy back home where she belongs, where she's safe. I need to hold my wife"

Please note:

1. "First initial thought" would mean that he had other initial thoughts and a 2nd thought that we would want to ask about.

2. "must have" is certain. We now know it was someone she knew and it appears the husband was certain of this as well.

3. Note that "cruise" is casual language. We would ask follow up questions about this, including thoughts and emotions at the point where he was only "cruising" and not looking for her. This also sounds like a pick up activity to meet women. It is unusual, especially given the circumstances.

4. Please note that "little worried" is in the perfect logical place in the account, meaning that it is indicative of deception and placed there as a means to persuade. Emotions take time to process and they are usually included after the account is complete. Here it is in the logical place which is not where emotions are found normally.

5. "so, therefore, since, because, hence, etc" are sensitive since the subject needs to explain why, rather than report what happened. This needs to be explored.

6. He had "no clue" but called her parents, meaning he had a clue.

7. "...hung out with me " shows distance between him and the parents, in spite of saying "hung out" which is casual. The word "with" between people shows distance. Her parents' opinion of the husband is likely important..

8. Note that She is "Amy" when she is not there, and "my wife" when (if) she is in his arms, which she is not.

9. Note that she can be "safe" when she is at home; indicating that he feels or knows that if she is not home, she is not "safe".
This is usually heard in child abuse cases.

Police need to re interview him.

Save the Whales and STOP the slaughter

One of the many faces of Hillary Clinton..American clerks and Military are forbidden to view WIKILEAKS cables and Clinton continues to tell EGYPT what they can and cannot do...she just does not get it does she?...the people are tired of the Egyption American PUPPET Govermnent..they dream of 'real' democracy

EGYPT follow events LIVE as they happen

Bush/Blair love affair 'BONESMANSHIP' continues

WIKILEAKS/Egypt cables updates

Missing mom, 2nd woman found buried in SW Mich.

tool goes here
PAW PAW, Mich. -- The bodies of two women who were apparently shot to death, including a stay-at-home mother of two missing since earlier this week, have been found buried in southwest Michigan, authorities announced Friday.

The bodies of Amy Henslee, 30, and Tonya Howarth, 36, have been found in Bangor Township, about 60 miles southwest of Grand Rapids, and a suspect is in custody, officials said. The wooded area is north of Henslee's Hartford Township home, where she was last seen Monday.
"It appears that they both died of multiple gunshot wounds," Van Buren County Prosecutor Juris Kaps told reporters at a news conference.

Kaps said police have arrested 34-year-old Junior Lee Beebe on two counts of open murder and two counts of possession of a firearm during a felony. Beebe was expected to be arraigned in court later Friday.

The District Court in Paw Paw said it didn't know whether Beebe has a lawyer. The Sheriff's department did not immediately return a call.

Beebe is a cousin of Henslee's husband, said Kaps, a spokesman for the county's Major Crimes Task Force. Howarth was an acquaintance of Henslee, and possibly a friend or girlfriend of the suspect, Kaps said.

Investigators believe the women were killed Monday morning, Kaps said.

Philip Beebe, an uncle of the suspect, told WZZM-TV that investigators had searched land owned by Junior Lee Beebe, then took him in for questioning.

"They took him in a car and said they were going someplace warm where they could talk," Philip Bebee told the station.

Henslee was last seen at home Monday morning when her husband, James, left for work.

 The Van Buren County sheriff's department has said he is not a suspect. Amy Henslee's had left her purse inside the house and locked the door behind her.

Authorities said Friday they think Henslee left voluntarily with Beebe.

A day earlier, police had said they didn't suspect foul play in Henslee's disappearance. That assessment changed as the investigation developed.

On Friday morning, Sheriff Dale Gribler expressed condolences to the women's families. He said he delayed the release of information on the case while investigators combed the area where the bodies were discovered.

"We had a lot of work to do with the crime lab at the particular crime scene," Gribler said.

What took the police three days to check out Beebe's trailer? A violent criminal is the last person to be at Amy's home before she goes missing and they don't go to his place? Or did the husband not tell them for three days?

Read more:

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After lying Lizzy's dramatic return from her 'abduction. There followed shortly another missing child, 19 month old Acacia Bishop..I have not checked YET to see if there is a Mormon connection but I am sure there will be. It seems there was more interest in campaigning for folks to have the FREE Child Safety Kit than actually looking for this small child. This pack needed so your child will be found 'swiftly' when 'abducted' her or his fingerprints and DNA vital to her rescue...mmmmm Of course the child would need to found first before either from this FREE pack could be put to use...

Utah Missing Children - Acacia Bishop

This is an age-enhanced photo of Acacia Bishop who was kidnapped by her grandmother, Kelley Lodmell, in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 25, 2003.  Kelley, described by authorities as a paranoid schizophrenic, who was not taking her medication, was arrested the following day in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Kelley Lodmell told authorities she lost control of the 19-month-old girl while wading in the waters of the Snake River. However, Acacia has never been found.

Acacia's dad describes the day she disappeared: 
 "My wife and I had dropped Acacia off with her great grandmother, Linda, to be watched.

 We had a meeting with our friend to discuss her wedding. When we were at Linda's, Kelley was also there. We made sure that Kelley left before we left to go to the meeting. We gave Linda all of Acacia's stuff and made sure that Linda had Acacia's sippy cup.

 While at the meeting our friends' fiancĂ© showed up and told us that Kelley had taken Acacia.

 We left immediately and went back to Linda's to find out our worst nightmare had just begun."

"From day one we told the police that we believe that Kelley had set this whole thing up.

 Kelley was in jail this past January with the instigator of the second Amber Alert in Utah, Cassy.

Josh, by the grace of God, bumped into her on the first day of the kidnapping. Josh was passing out flyers in a known transient park in Salt Lake City and Cassy approached him saying "I know her, I was in jail with her".

"Apparently Kelley told Cassy all about the first time that Kelley tried to take Acacia.

Kelley then told Cassy that she was planning to do it again, saying "and this time I will get away with it". We told the police all about this but they refused to listen. They had their blinders on from the first day. They had a confession and they were going on with the "Murder- Suicide" whether we liked it or not."

The Acacia Bishop Missing Child Story.
From the Polly Klass Foundation:  As we remember the many children who are still missing, let's tell the world about the Polly Klaas® Foundation's FREE Child Safety Kit so fewer children go missing. Build a lens to tell your friends on the Polly Klaas® Foundation Headquarters on Squidoo. 

Have You Seen Acacia Bishop - a Utah Missing Child... 

This photo shows 19-month-old Acacia when she disappeared in 2003. The following is from the AMW's Web Exclusive on the Acacia Bishop Missing Child Story.

On May 25, 2005 Acacia Patience Bishop was dropped off at her great-grandmother's house while her parents were out. Acacia, who was 19-months-old, was playing in the house when her grandmother, Kelly Lodmell, walked into the room.

Acacia's great grandmother was in another room and didn't see her daughter walk in. But by the time she went to check on Acacia, the infant was missing.

Kelly Lodmell, 38, is described by family as a paranoid schizophrenic... a mental disease characterized by hearing non-existent voices and having night terrors.

Acacia's family called Salt Lake City, Utah police and they issued an AMBER alert. Relatives knew Lodmell could be dangerous if her schizophrenia flared up.

Meanwhile, cops say Lodmell drove her grandaughter from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls, Idaho. A witness saw them at the bank of the Snake River with an unknown man near an overpass in Idaho Falls. Acacia has not been seen since.

Kelly Lodmell was apprehended by Idaho Falls police the next day, May 26. She told police she drowned Acacia in the Snake River. She claimed it was a failed homocide/suicide attempt.

Then Lodmell changed her story; this time she told authorities she was playing with Acacia in the river, holding her and dangling her feet in the water, when the baby squirmed and fell into the river.

Divers searched the river and found no sign of Acacia. Authorities say there is still a chance Acacia is alive... she may have been passed off to the unknown man witnesses saw with Lodmell and Acacia before Lodmell jumped in the water

Police and family members sent out posters of Lodmell, hoping someone saw her with Acacia before Lodmell was arrested. Kelly Lodmell is a white female, 38, with brown hair. She is approximately 5'2" and 135 lbs. She has a rose tattoo on her right ankle and a tattoo of flames on her thigh.

Police also were able to create a composite sketch of a man who was seen with Lodmell at the Red Lion Hotel the morning of May 26. Witnesses say he was in his early 40's or 50's, had greying sun bleached hair, hazel colored eyes and a weathered tan appearance. The man was around 5'6" with a slender build and smoked Basic cigarettes. He is wanted for questioning.

One of the Best Ways You Can Help Keep Children Safe 

Free Child Safety Kit
Teach chidren how to recognize and respond to dangerous situations with the help of a free Child Safety Kit from the Polly Klaas® Foundation. 28 pages of guidance for parents. Includes home-use Fingerprint and DNA Documents. For all ages.
Child Safety Kit PDF
Here's a sneak preview of the entire Polly Klaas® Foundation's Child Safety Kit.

Important Polly Klaas Foundation Links 

Ways You Can Help Keep Children Safe

Free Child Safety Kit
Teach chidren how to recognize and respond to dangerous situations with the help of a free 28 page Child Safety Kit. Includes Fingerprint and DNA Documents.
Posters Really Work
Find out more about distributing missing child posters in your community.
Free Internet Safety Kit
Guidance for parents on ways to: --Keep your children safer online. --Help open communication about the Internet with your children.
Donate Today
Make use of our secure donation page, which also gives instructions for mailing in donations.
Polly Klaas Foundation Home Page
This links to the homepage of the Polly Klaas Foundation.

This is not a HOAX..No but hard to believe anything coming out of UTAH when Elizabeth Smart was a hoax and their English friends the McCanns..who are still living from the remains of their daughter's memory to keep the money rolling in..not only a HOAX but daily fraud on a massive scale.

UTAH: 12 year old boy missing from home...another Mormon family ?

Parents desperate to find missing 12-year-old boy
Slideshow 12-year old Chad Stilson with his mother, Vicki McGarry. Reported by: Brent Hunsaker    
Print Story Published: 1/26 9:38 pm ShareThisUpdated: 1:13 amSPRINGVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 News) -

A mother and father are worried about their missing son. At this point, Springville police have no reason to suspect foul play, but his parents fear five days is just too long for their boy to be on his own.

Chad Stilson is just 12-years old. He's a 7th grader at Mapleton Junior High.

Last Saturday, Chad defied his mother who had grounded him by sneaking out of the house to visit a friend.

He was in trouble, but his Mom, Vicki McGarry said that was no reason to run away. "We had a great night Friday night," she explained. "He went to bed laughing. I got up and checked on him, he was sleeping. The next time I went down, he was gone. He was in the middle of a game on his laptop. It was still open. He was just gone."

The family confirmed that Chad had gone to a friend's house on Saturday, but beyond that McGarry said, "I know nothing beyond that."

There was an attempt by Chad to make a call on his cell phone. That call was unanswered, but investigators determined it had come from west of town near Utah Lake.

After that, there was a sighting in east Springville by a girl who later saw Chad's picture at school and was positive it was him.

Tantalizing clues, but they have so far led nowhere.

"We knew he left on his own accord," said Chad's father, Dennis Stilson. "But it's been too long now. I'm scared and worried. He didn't have a coat." McGarry added, "My nephew thought he had a backpack. So later I went down to search and the backpack was gone, but that's the only thing."

Though divorced, the parents are united in their concern for Chad.

Mother has been advised to stay home -- close to the phone. Dad, who at one time was a bounty hunter, has been hitting the pavement tracking down leads. "I've talked to the authorities and generally they say 99.9% come home within 24 hours. That's the big concern.

 Five days is a long time for a 12-year old boy. He's not a big, tough, street kid."

McGarry said, "I want my baby home. There's nothing he could have done in the past that's worth this. He's not in trouble. We love him. We just want him home."
Here's more information on Chad:

DOB: Mar 26, 1998
Missing: Jan 22, 2011
Height: 5'2" (157 cm)
Eyes: Blue
Race: White
Age Now: 12
Sex: Male
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Hair: Brown
Missing From:
United States
Chad was last seen on January 22, 2011.
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
Springville Police Department (Utah) 1-801-489-9421 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            1-801-489-

For those who have missed BUSH and the Mormon connection

AMERICA look what you have done...the biggest threat to world peace....shame on you...

Mormons invite 'oh ye, oh ye ,come to Christ..not forgetting your 10% tithe for life.

Smashing the Book of Mormon with DNA

DNA vs The Book of Mormon

Josh and Susan Powell, and an LDS Ultimatum — “Get Active, or I’m Leaving With the Kids”

December 24, 2009
By johndehlin
(This post has been updated)
Just saw this blurb in the Deseret News this morning:
When Josh and Susan Powell were first married, both were very active in the LDS Church, Petersen said. They were sealed in the temple. But once they moved to Utah, Josh Powell stopped attending church.
Petersen said the Powells’ marriage counselor instructed Susan Powell to set specific goals. Susan Powell told her husband that her goal was for him to become active in the church again by the end of 2009 and to have his temple recommend again by their anniversary in the spring. Otherwise, she was going to divorce him and take the children, Petersen said.
Let me start w/ the obvious:
  • Murder is heinous, disgusting, grotesque and horrible.  No excuses there.
  • I’m learning more and more that there is never ONE factor that “causes” anything.  There are always countless factors that add up to any one act or decision…and the same is clearly true here.  I am not advocating for the idea (in the slightest) that this potential LDS Activity ultimatum was “the cause” of anything…only a potential factor (of many)…if it bears out to be true at all.
  • Finally, let’s acknowledge up front that ALL of this (including the idea that Susan Powell was murdered and that Josh Powell was guilty) is completely theoretical.
But assuming this report is true — what do you think of an ultimatum like this…in isolation — “get active, or I’m leaving you and taking the kids” ….assuming an otherwise healthy relationship?
What if you were the one who had lost your faith….and what if you lost it because of reasonable issues like polyandry….or racism…..or DNA in the Book of Mormon…or the Book of Abraham….or sexism in the church….or the treatment of homosexuals in the church….or whatever.  Or what if you sincerely prayed about the church, and felt the “Holy Ghost” tell you to LEAVE the church?  Or what if the church just didn’t inspire you any more?
And then what if your spouse threatened to leave you and take the kids for following your conscience?
That would be a horrible thing to experience.  How trapped and desperate would you feel in this situation?
Murder is obviously a horrendously terrible solution to such a situation….but such an ultimatum would be a horrible thing to face, I think: your conscience, or your wife and kids.  Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of people contact me with this very dilemma — so I think this topic is worth exploring.  I know it’s directly relevant to thousands of people out there who are struggling in silence w/ their faith, wondering what will happen if they “come out” to their spouse regarding their feelings.
Here are a few ways to restate the point of this post:
  1. Is it fair to leave a spouse  and take the kids if they go inactive?
  2. Would God/Jesus want this?
  3. Would the church leadership want/encourage this?
  4. Could an ultimatum like this make things worse in a marriage, and even become dangerous?

10 oddest brother and sister stories...including the Utah sisters who married the same man

UTAH'Man wanted'

UTAH: Susan Powell where is she ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ISRAEL/ AMERICA watch their America continues to brainwash their people...

Josh Powell...bizarre

UTAH Josh Powells Website..this man should be in jail...why isn't he...UTAH LAW maybe?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Josh Powell's Website

As difficult as it may be to fathom such a thing, Josh Powell (and his father) have a website using Susan Cox' name which posted what follows below. Statement analysis is in bold type with Powell' writing in plain text.

We hope to post a series of analysis of articles posted by Powell.

We won't link directly to the website in respect to the Cox family.

Also out of respect to the victim, Susan will be referred to with the Cox name.

Previous analysis shows:

Josh Powell deceptive about the disappearance of Susan
Josh Powell's father, appears to also withhold information that was likely given to him by his son. The father's choice of language in the previous analysis shows a need to bully and control and it is in this atmosphere that Josh Powell's insecurity and violence were nurtured.
We will be posting various articles from the web site along with statement analysis.

Note that the posting are offensive and demeaning to Susan and her family. This was originally posted in November. It is in plain text with analysis following in bold type.

Susan, we love you and miss you!

Again: a caution as what follows is disturbing.Note the present tense address to Susan Powell, who police believe is deceased. This is a thinly veiled attempt to portray Susan Cox as having run away from her husband, Josh Powell, who has thwarted all attempts by police to learn what became of her. Our previous analysis showed deception by Josh Powell, and that the night of his "midnight camping", he not only murdered his wife, but took steps to ensure that Susan's body would not be found by likely setting up a scenario in which animals would devour the corpse (note the wording he used in previous analysis which included "meat").

Susan Powell, missing December 7, 2009.

Susan Powell went missing in West Valley City, Utah on December 7, 2009. It has been one year since she left and is now changing its focus to begin responding to the rumors surrounding Susan Powell and other individuals. The ongoing efforts to protect the children will remain paramount as Susan Powell's family corrects the record.

Note the inclusion of "left" versus the original "went missing". This is an indication that the author (Powell) is withholding information regarding the disappearance. "Went missing" denotes mystery, but "left" denotes voluntary leaving; note that this is contradictory in the opening statement indicating deception.

Correcting the record

note "the" record; not "a" record. We do not know what record is referred to because the subject does not identify it and would not have access to police files. This suggests that what media has reported, including the midnight "camping" trip Powell used as a cover is credible as it is not just "a" record, but "the" record; howbeit, in Powells' mind, in need of correction. remains the official source for information about Susan Powell and the family she loves. Susan Powell's family (the Powells) started as an effort to contact Susan and share some happy moments that were meant to be positive and uplifting. We have not responded directly to negative and defamatory comments until now because Josh and the rest of us expected Susan to return quickly and Josh didn't want to drive wedges between the Coxes (in-laws) and Josh's own family. Josh remains sympathetic toward them in spite of their total lack of sympathy toward him. All of us are sympathetic to the people who miss Susan as we do.

Note the need to declare that this website is the "official" source of information regarding Susan. This need to declare, within itself, shows its own weakness. Always note pronouns and articles in Statement Analysis. Note here that they say "the" family she loves; rather than another family (Cox). This is equivalent to a domestic homicide statement where the police receive the statement in which the perpetrator describes his day: "I woke up, said 'good morning' to the wife..". The inclusion of "good morning" in Statement Analysis indicates a bad relationship.


Since happily married couples do greet each other in the morning, it is only those of a bad relationship that feel the need to make such a statement.

Here, by stating that they are "the" family she loved, they indicate that poor relationship that existed between the Powell family and Susan, the victim. Not only did Josh Powell victimize Susan Cox on the night of the murder, he and his father have continued to victimize Susan and her family, with their verbal assaults on her character and upon her family. This is a verbal indication that they had a bad relationship with Susan.

Note the need to identify, by name, "the" family she loves. Note also the name used, "Susan Powell". The inclusion of the last name is formal and unpected in personal, close and loving relationships. It is another indication of the tension and distance between Susan and the Powell family. The opening paragraph also shows Josh Powell's father's fingerprints: the need to control. Here, it is the need to control not only information, but affections. This is an essential element found within violent families: a strong, central figure who controls what others think and feel, and when threatened with "rebellion", violence can be the result.
Note "directly" meaning that they have responded "indirectly" to negative.

Note also a common theme on the website: a declared presentation of positive, happy moments, in respect for the "children"; yet all happy moments have been removed from the web site.

The deception flows from paragraph to paragraph, and article to article, which will be seen in future analysis.

"total lack" shows sensitivity. This is explained by viewing the reaction of the Cox family early in the investigation: they gave Josh the benefit of the doubt and needed to be convinced by police that he refused to assist in the investigation.

note also "the people who are..." excludes others.

Unfortunately, the more we published on with nothing but love and uplifting comments, the nastier the Cox "Friends and Family" became toward Josh, Josh's supporters, this web site, and the children.

Order shows priority. What is the priority of the Powells?

Josh' supporters
this web site
the children

This is expected from a family who deprived the children of their mother. It also shows the narcissistic difficulty between Josh and his father; as both compete for status of number one in life.

Individuals professing support for the Cox "Friends and Family" continually belittle and silence anyone hinting of support or even neutrality toward Josh.

Notice "individuals" is unspecified and that they silence anyone "hinting" of support. This is a revelation that those who support Josh can only "hint" at it, since they are unable to defend him. This shows that the Powells recognize the lack of ability that any might have to support Josh.

To this date, fully a year later, the Cox "Friends and Family" supporters still behave this way, even shouting down those who raise legitimate questions and doubts about Susan and her parents.

Note "shouting" on the Facebook page; which is print; not vocal; revealing the high level of defensiveness on the part of the Powells.

The situation is not fair to anyone and we recognize this fact. Josh has grieved for the wife he loves, while the Coxes and their supporters continue to ridicule his suffering and that of everyone around him.

Note the word "grieving" which is something done at a death. Powell stated that he constructed this web site to communicate directly to Susan. Here we see the deception as they acknowledge she is deceased, even while attempting to portray her as alive.

Note also that in Josh' "grieving", he has refused to speak to police.

For many months, Josh tried to forgive them - even as they set him up as their straw man. We remained silent in the public media to allow future healing of Josh's relationships with the Coxes and to allow the investigation to proceed unhindered. At this point, we recognize that we cannot remain silent forever in the face of rumors and lies being spread by individuals associated with the Cox "Friends and Family".

Note the pronoun (and noun) change from Josh to we. This is indicative of deception. "Tried" is past tense, meaning failed. Note that when this was posted, the family had gone public with their ridicule of Susan and her family, including portraying her as sexually immoral and financially driven.

In prior analysis, we saw that the projection indicated that Josh Powell was likely both sexually dysfunctional and financially broke.

False claims about Josh and Susan Powell

note that false claims were made about both.

Since December 2009 the Cox "Friends and Family" and Chuck Cox himself have repeatedly made claims intended to portray Josh as an all-around bad guy with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

In the first days of the investigation, Chuck Cox refused to criticize Josh Powell, even in the face of circumstantial evidence.

Even though the media has been one sided and highly sensationalized,

note "highly" is not completely.

the Coxes' extreme position has led many people to question the credibility of people in the Cox "Friends and Family" group. Every claim made against Josh comes with no witnesses, no evidence, and many contradictions in their own statements. Their claims are simply untrue.

Note that their position is "extreme" but not wrong; note that claims are not identified, but the Powells do not say that Josh didn't kill Susan, even though he grieves for her. They do not say that he had nothing to do with her disappearance.
The truth cannot be hidden forever.

This is the hope of the Cox family

Many of their accusations about what they call "strange" behavior in Josh actually describe natural human individuality and even necessary responses to the Coxes' own actions. Further, with the exception of Chuck and Judy Cox, every person making such claims has had absolutely no contact with Josh's family after January 2010. Most of them had limited to no relationship prior to that.

Note that "many" accusations; not all. His strange behavior is confirmed by the Powells.
Note also the admission of the bad relationship with the word "prior" identifying time. Note the inclusion of the word "strange" as they acknowledge Josh' behavior.

The Coxes claim they have certain rights with Josh and his children, but from the beginning they have attempted to alienate Josh from everyone he has ever known. According to a Salt Lake Tribune article published on November 6, 2010, Chuck and Judy Cox even stated that they created a pseudonym for Susan Powell ("Susan Cox Powell") for the purpose of divorcing Susan from Josh because they say "their daughter would not want to remain married to Josh Powell if she knew how he has 'impeded' the investigation into her disappearance." In point of fact, the Coxes have actually impeded the investigation by attempting to silence alternative viewpoints, by hiding facts about Susan and their own family, and by grossly misleading people about Josh.

Note that to the narcissistic Powell, using a maiden name is a "pseudonym". This reveals the internal dictionary of Powell, again indicating a need to control or violence will ensue.

At the same time, the Coxes have constantly driven the idea that Susan is perfect in every way (in accordance with their own narrow viewpoint) and they have thus denied her humanity. Both Josh and Susan are multidimensional individuals with many qualities and characteristics. Both Josh and Susan are very misunderstood at this point because of the strange image the Cox "Friends and Family" have tried to portray surrounding the Coxes, Susan, Josh, and even the children.

It is likely that Susan was of such exceptional character and the Powells of such base character that the Powells were in awe of Susan and her family, which likely increased the penalty inducing envy that was not only in Josh, but in his father, as well. The contempt they held for Susan and her family comes out in this begrudging admiration of the Cox family and character; which is why he wrote that they "denied her humanity", indicating that God-like status that Susan appeared to have when measured against the bar set so low by the Powell family. It may also indicate the distance that the Powells have to the children, as the children may possess much of the Cox character.
Cyber-bullies on the Cox "Friends and Family" Facebook page

What the Cox "Friends and Family" supporters continually do is abusive. Some of their primary vehicles include Facebook and other social networking sites. Even if they desire to inflict abuse on an innocent person because of their own judgments, there is absolutely no justification for what they are doing to the children. Every time the children are mentioned, strangers associated with the Cox "Friends and Family" outright attack the children with claims that the children are psychologically disturbed and other defamations.

That Josh (or his father) could refer to him as the gender neutral "person" and not a "man" when taken with the other indicators (see prior analysis) show the sexual dysfunction that likely added to Josh' rage against the beautiful Susan Cox. Note the title includes "bully" within it.

Bullying means the use of strength against a weaker opponent for an end without necessity. Note that Susan, deceased, is utterly incapable of defending herself against attacks, which is the ultimate bullying by the family.

Yet, Susan's character, even while attacked by the bullying Powells, continues to shine as they inadvertently compliment her with the word "humanity" above.

Even if the Cox "Friends and Family" could stay focused, they cannot separate their abuse and cyber-bullying of Josh from its harmful effects on Susan and the children. The Coxes have acknowledged the destructive effects of their own actions on the children, and yet continue with their tactics. Their intention to destroy a loving father's emotional well-being with their rumors and lies is shameful and unproductive.

Note the admission that those who state that Josh killed Susan are, in fact, damaging him emotionally. This reveals the weakness of Josh (his insecurity caused him to rage against her righteousness) and his impotence caused his final act of overpowering Susan. Since it cannot impact Susan, we conclude deception; yet we see that impacting Susan is coupled with the children. This reveals that the pressure put on Josh is not only working, to wear him down, but it is not harming the children. The use of the word "destroy" indicates what is happening to Josh. The "tell tale heart" is likely beating loudly in his sleep
Some people claim that Josh has no right to respond to their accusations - some of which are the worst accusations possible. Cox "Friends and Family" supporters and the sensationalized media are shouting in a chorus that any response by us is just "Josh being mean" or Josh "trying to deflect law-enforcement attention from himself." Why? Because we have claimed that Susan is capable of doing things that the Coxes don't want to acknowledge to the world.

Note that the Powells defense is to attempt to slander Susan, but not to deny involvement in her disappearance. Even narcissists feel the stress of lying.

We understand this is hard for them, but not as hard as what they are doing to the husband who will always love Susan and to the children from their marriage. But what hurts us most is that we know their rhetoric is hurting Susan. Therefore, we do intend to respond to some things at this point. We also think it will help Susan understand what her parents, Chuck and Judy Cox, have refused to acknowledge or accept over the years.

Note grieving and 'hurting' Susan is incompatible; and since hurting Susan and the children is tied together, the deception is for both.

Protecting Susan and the children

Susan needs help. At this point, Susan Powell's family believes very strongly that the ongoing rhetoric of the Cox "Friends and Family" is having a tragic effect on Susan's emotional well-being as well as Josh's. Susan knows that she cannot return without having people of the same mentality as the Cox "Friends and Family" turn on her. As difficult as it has been for Josh to cope with this, we believe that in Susan's emotional state she will not be able to face it.

Note that "Susan Powell's family" continues to use the formal full name. As difficult as it may be for the Cox family to read the statement by Powell, they can see both the deception and the inadvertent compliments, and know that the public can also see the deception.
We are re-evaluating the best ways to protect the children in light of our family's total lack of privacy. We wish we could share happy family moments with Susan on without fear of the vocal minority encouraging predatory behavior against the children. However, will not be publishing private family moments at this time. Instead, will continue provide factual information.

Why do they need to "fear" if it is only a "vocal minority"? This is the bane of minimizing language; it raises more questions than it gives answers. The same application is for the children: "predatory behavior" being undefined, indicating deception. Note also the continued confession of deception:

Rather than post "happy family moments", they will, instead, only post "factual information" which confesses that "happy family moments" is fictional information.

Words betray the truth that deceptive people wish to hide.

Here, the attempt at persausion backfires and reveals more about Powell (and his father) than they would have likely wanted revealed.

The small, impotent, insecure, inadequate and broke bully picks his fight against the deceased because it is the only way he can overcome her goodness. Even Powell's attempt to exploit the children does not suceed, but rather reveals, as did both Powells' castigation of Susan in a prior interview), that there is no level to which they will stoop in order to compensate for their collective deficiancies. If masculinity is the sacrifice of strength for the purpose of good, we can conclude both Powells to be void of its character.

Next, you will see the attack upon Josh' sister by Josh and the woman's own father.