Friday, January 21, 2011

Wikileaks inflamed Mormon Cult by releasing documents in 2006...rumours are Wikileaks have more documents on 'cult' to follow.....

Back in July, WikiLeaks posted the 2006 edition of the Handbook of Instructions. The Handbook of Instructions is a binder composed of several booklets, each of which covers a topic. Some of these booklets are available to lay members of the Church (not even a temple recommend is needed) while other booklets can only be had by bishoprics, mission presidents, stake presidencies, or higher up. Thus I wonder how WikiLeaks got a complete set.

In unrelated news, a new edition of the Handbook of Instructions was issued to bishops, etc, in November. All copies of the 2006 edition (or earlier editions) were to be shredded.

Here is a story from the Salt Lake Tribune published 11/26/10:

"Until now, the handbook was available only to these church leaders. That still holds true for the first volume, which is available online to bishops and stake presidents.

That blue volume includes information about counseling with members. LDS authorities worried that if it were widely read, some members “might decide they don’t need to go see their bishop,” says Michael Otterson, managing director of LDS Public Affairs. “It made much more sense to reserve that volume for leaders.”

But the church is putting the second, red volume online for everyone. So, for the first time, members and outsiders can read for themselves the church’s position on a panoply of social issues."