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After lying Lizzy's dramatic return from her 'abduction. There followed shortly another missing child, 19 month old Acacia Bishop..I have not checked YET to see if there is a Mormon connection but I am sure there will be. It seems there was more interest in campaigning for folks to have the FREE Child Safety Kit than actually looking for this small child. This pack needed so your child will be found 'swiftly' when 'abducted' her or his fingerprints and DNA vital to her rescue...mmmmm Of course the child would need to found first before either from this FREE pack could be put to use...

Utah Missing Children - Acacia Bishop

This is an age-enhanced photo of Acacia Bishop who was kidnapped by her grandmother, Kelley Lodmell, in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 25, 2003.  Kelley, described by authorities as a paranoid schizophrenic, who was not taking her medication, was arrested the following day in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Kelley Lodmell told authorities she lost control of the 19-month-old girl while wading in the waters of the Snake River. However, Acacia has never been found.

Acacia's dad describes the day she disappeared: 
 "My wife and I had dropped Acacia off with her great grandmother, Linda, to be watched.

 We had a meeting with our friend to discuss her wedding. When we were at Linda's, Kelley was also there. We made sure that Kelley left before we left to go to the meeting. We gave Linda all of Acacia's stuff and made sure that Linda had Acacia's sippy cup.

 While at the meeting our friends' fiancĂ© showed up and told us that Kelley had taken Acacia.

 We left immediately and went back to Linda's to find out our worst nightmare had just begun."

"From day one we told the police that we believe that Kelley had set this whole thing up.

 Kelley was in jail this past January with the instigator of the second Amber Alert in Utah, Cassy.

Josh, by the grace of God, bumped into her on the first day of the kidnapping. Josh was passing out flyers in a known transient park in Salt Lake City and Cassy approached him saying "I know her, I was in jail with her".

"Apparently Kelley told Cassy all about the first time that Kelley tried to take Acacia.

Kelley then told Cassy that she was planning to do it again, saying "and this time I will get away with it". We told the police all about this but they refused to listen. They had their blinders on from the first day. They had a confession and they were going on with the "Murder- Suicide" whether we liked it or not."

The Acacia Bishop Missing Child Story.
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Have You Seen Acacia Bishop - a Utah Missing Child... 

This photo shows 19-month-old Acacia when she disappeared in 2003. The following is from the AMW's Web Exclusive on the Acacia Bishop Missing Child Story.

On May 25, 2005 Acacia Patience Bishop was dropped off at her great-grandmother's house while her parents were out. Acacia, who was 19-months-old, was playing in the house when her grandmother, Kelly Lodmell, walked into the room.

Acacia's great grandmother was in another room and didn't see her daughter walk in. But by the time she went to check on Acacia, the infant was missing.

Kelly Lodmell, 38, is described by family as a paranoid schizophrenic... a mental disease characterized by hearing non-existent voices and having night terrors.

Acacia's family called Salt Lake City, Utah police and they issued an AMBER alert. Relatives knew Lodmell could be dangerous if her schizophrenia flared up.

Meanwhile, cops say Lodmell drove her grandaughter from Salt Lake City to Idaho Falls, Idaho. A witness saw them at the bank of the Snake River with an unknown man near an overpass in Idaho Falls. Acacia has not been seen since.

Kelly Lodmell was apprehended by Idaho Falls police the next day, May 26. She told police she drowned Acacia in the Snake River. She claimed it was a failed homocide/suicide attempt.

Then Lodmell changed her story; this time she told authorities she was playing with Acacia in the river, holding her and dangling her feet in the water, when the baby squirmed and fell into the river.

Divers searched the river and found no sign of Acacia. Authorities say there is still a chance Acacia is alive... she may have been passed off to the unknown man witnesses saw with Lodmell and Acacia before Lodmell jumped in the water

Police and family members sent out posters of Lodmell, hoping someone saw her with Acacia before Lodmell was arrested. Kelly Lodmell is a white female, 38, with brown hair. She is approximately 5'2" and 135 lbs. She has a rose tattoo on her right ankle and a tattoo of flames on her thigh.

Police also were able to create a composite sketch of a man who was seen with Lodmell at the Red Lion Hotel the morning of May 26. Witnesses say he was in his early 40's or 50's, had greying sun bleached hair, hazel colored eyes and a weathered tan appearance. The man was around 5'6" with a slender build and smoked Basic cigarettes. He is wanted for questioning.

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