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Ernie Allen : Missing Child Fraud

Ernie Allen Testifies Before U.S. Congress,

Admits to Four Hundred Cases of Missing Child Fraud
Dateline: Washington, DC, 2 December 2009
Mr. Ernie Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (USA) and its wholly owned affiliate, the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, dropped a bombshell today before the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the United States Congress.
But don't expect to see it on the Commission's official web site any time soon; it appears that their web site hasn't been updated since April of 2009. How much do Congressman James P. McGovern and Congressman Frank R. Wolf, co-Chairmen of the Commission, really care about securing human rights when they cannot even be bothered to ensure that their own Commission's web site is updated?
No matter: the written testimony of Mr. Ernie Allen was courteously uploaded to the web by Congressman Chris Smith. For the time being it can also be found at the American Center's web site as well as at the web site of its "international" subsidiary.
After presenting the usual boilerplate about the American organisations and missing children, Mr. Allen shares some current statistics deriving from his corporate database, in order to "help illustrate the scope of the problem of international child abduction". According to Mr. Allen:
NCMEC is currently working cases involving 1,214 children who were abducted by a non-custodial parent from the United States to a foreign country. The majority of these children were taken to the following countries: Mexico (533 children); Japan (54 children); India (32 children); Egypt (30 children); the United Kingdom (24 children); and Canada (23 children).
These are interesting statistics, and not just because they exist at all. They are interesting because they demonstrate that the American Center's database contains information that is not exposed to the public through their search engine. While there is a field (called abductedCountry) that is supposed to indicate the "possible location" of a "missing" child in a particular country, our search today for all children possibly in Mexico returned a measley twenty-two (22) records, for the United Kingdom one (1) record, and for all three of Romania, Bulgaria and Greece no records whatsoever. Notably we have verified the location of children advertised as "missing" by the American organisations in all four of the above mentioned European Member States. None of these children were identified in the results of our search of the American database as even possibly located in their actual countries of residence!
Now consider Mexico. It is possible that Mr. Allen was being literal in stating that 533 children "were taken to" Mexico, while only 22 are possibly now located there. Logically this would imply that Mexico would have to be primarily a transit country for these children, with only a fraction of them (~5%) likely to remain there following their removal from the United States. It seems unlikely, but it could happen.
Does it, though?
Our concern isn't addressed, but let us courteously suspend our disbelief while we continue to parse Mr. Allen's statement. He starts making recommendations to the Tom Lantos Commission on page 5 of his testimony. The first four recommendations are vacuous generalities that can be pithly abbreviated to "everyone should do a better job". Then comes the bombshell, which we quote in full:
Finally, I believe we should amend the federal definition of ‘missing child’ that was established by the Missing Children’s Assistance Act of 1984 and codified at 42 U.S.C. §5772. In parental abduction cases, law enforcement may be hesitant to classify the child as ‘missing’ since the child does not technically fit within the current federal definition of ‘missing child’: a child whose whereabouts are unknown to the child’s legal custodian. Parental abduction cases are unique -- the left-behind parent may know the exact whereabouts of the ‘missing’ child but is unable to bring the child home. This problem can be solved by adding the description “or who was removed from the control of such individual's legal custodian in violation of law or judicial order” to the federal definition of ‘missing child.’ This not only reinforces law enforcement’s jurisdiction over these criminal cases, it also ensures that they will be given the same resources and support as non-family abductions. In addition, clarifying the definition of ‘missing child’ to include family-abducted children ensures that law enforcement will enter these cases into the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. NCIC entry of these children is critical to ensuring that law enforcement resources are dedicated to these abductions. Approximately one-third of NCMEC’s current international abductions have not been entered into NCIC.
This official testimony appears to contain the first ever admission by any representative of the American center that a full one-third of its current cases are probable if not certain cases of missing child fraud.
That is four hundred (400) children being falsely advertised by the American center, right now, as though they were "missing".
Thanks to the efforts of the members of our committee, Mr. Allen sees the writing on the wall, but he hasn't yet gotten the message. The real issue is not that law enforcement is "hesitant" to classify a child as "missing" when the child's whereabouts are in fact known. It's that capable law enforcement officers know better than to lie to the very public whose diligence is needed to find genuinely missing children.
Mr. Allen is personally raking in nearly one million U.S. Dollars ($1.000.000,00) annually courtesy of the United States taxpayer. On the basis of his Center's missing children statistics, Congress rewarded the American Center with a huge budget that must be the envy of every NGO on the planet, without any oversight or preconditions. Yet, were it not for the pressure being placed on Mr. Allen by members of this committee, in both civil and criminal proceedings, the American public and the world community would still be entirely unaware that they were being misled.
The December 2, 2009 testimony of Mr. Ernie Allen before the Tom Lantos Commission demonstrates that the American organisations are hiding from the public their real knowledge about the children they advertise as "missing". Mr. Allen's recommendation to modify the federal definition of ‘missing child’ is self-serving and does nothing for the little victims of missing child fraud.
We continue to call on our colleagues in the United States and their international supporters to respect the fundamental right of these children to a safe and private childhood.


Elizabeth Smart Adds to the Madeleine McCann Misinformation Factory by Chelsea Hoffman


Elizabeth Smart survived a pretty traumatic ordeal as an abducted teen who was held captive as a pedophile's plaything for the greater part of a year. However, that does not make her an expert in abduction and missing persons case, and it certainly doesn't make her exempt from needing to "research" things before she speaks.

Elizabeth Smart offered her two cents' on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Now, anyone who has done even basic research of this case is well aware of all of the evidence found in the investigation that alludes to the idea that Maddie died in Portugal. In fact, cadaver and blood dogs hit on spots found only in the vacation apartment inhabited by the McCanns as well as their rental car. In fact, tests run on the evidence found in the McCann rental car showed that Maddie was sedated with drugs with lethal levels. Of course the DNA results only matched the child by 88% but given that the dog scented human cadaver oil, it's rather obvious that the DNA is a match for the missing child and not any of her female relatives who did not vanish.

So for Smart to repeat her same old tired speech about every single high profile missing persons case is just borderline stupid. Is she not aware that there was absolutely no evidence of a "break-in" or "abduction?" Is she not aware of the findings of a specifically trained, world-known cadaver dog?

Madeleine McCann is most likely not alive, and all Elizabeth Smart is doing is falling back on the same phrase she uses for every missing case she's offered her 'expert' analysis on since she became a correspondent. Giving people false hope and continuing the false PR of the McCann family is only further distracting people from the evidence that shows blatantly what may have happened to Madeleine McCann.

Elizabeth Smart : The Movie - Lizzy Disappointed When Told She Could Not Play Herself In The Million Dollar Block Buster!

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Elizabeth Smart : Where She Claimed Her 'Trauma' Played Out.

The 'love shack' where Elizabeth' claims' she was shackled and raped for the last time.


Then, after confessing to who she was her second question to the officer  ' what will happen to my friends ? '

The official line would be and still is to this day, Lizzy lived in the love shack and was raped. But the image of the moment  Elizabeth  was found tells quite a different story. Lizzy , plump rosy cheeked, tanned and smiling . Years later she would claim under oath in a court of law to having been raped that very morning by Mitchell in the 'love shack'. 

Nicole Richardson said, "I saw them about three times on the bus."
They sought warmer weather in California, then returned to Utah.
In February of 2003, police asked for help locating a drifter known as "Emmanuel," Mitchell's alias, and on March 12, two couples spotted him and called police. Elizabeth was found.

Ed Smart said, "I couldn't believe it. In fact, I had to take a double-take and pull her away from me and say, ‘Is it really you?'"

Few details emerged about Elizabeth's ordeal


Elizabeth Smart :A month after her return, she appeared smiling among her father and President Bush in the White House as he signed new child-safety measures into law.

#Utah : Mormon Lizzy Just Can't Help Herself !

Well it had to happen , lying Lizzy poking her nose where it is least wanted.

Just to put you folks in Utah in the picture.

Criminal profiler Pat Brown's take on the McCann farce.


Chelsea Hoffman on McCann simulated abduction


Criminal profilers we need...crazy mormons we do not !

Elizabeth Smart The Mormon Girl Will Not Sway Public Opinion Nor Stomp On Pat Brown If That Was Her Intention.

It won't wash picking up on old habits, it did not work then and it will not work now. America has lived through the murder of Caylee and the Casey Anthony trial. Anthony likened only yesterday to Healy . The Americans are sick and tired of faked abductions and parents turning their child's death into cottage industries.  Nice try lying Lizzy .

Isabel Celis, her parents are doing a McCann, Smart or Irwin - take your pick.


A reminder of how McCann used Ed Smart to tell the American people he had been framed by the PJ.

Gerry McCann told Smart that he would not be surprised if the police  planted evidence in his car, rented 25 days after he claimed his daughter was abducted by a paedophile , Smart was repeating McCanns words verbatim on Larry King Live Show suggesting the Portuguese police were trying to frame his new buddy Gerry McCann ! !!!! Cadaver dogs did indeed pick up on the trunk of the car, mothers clothing , apartment and the childs soft toy.Maddies body has never been found and the McCanns were not charged, the case shelved waiting for new evidence.

Dumb and getting dumber. McCann nor Ed Smart the brightest buttons in the box. How could the PJ possibly plant evidence in the car without Madeleines body ?


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Elizabeth Smart Hits British News Stands With Her Web Of Deceit !

The Smart fraud, almost as huge as the McCann fraud . The media love to spin a fantasy and of course faked abduction's have become very trendy. The Daily Mail could give a hoot about investigative journalism or checking the mormon girl's witness testimony of the very bizarre tale she told on how she did not become pregnant during her nine month ordeal...Now here's a line for you to chew over before you read her sob story in the Mail

Elizabeth Smarts explanation for not getting pregnant during her ordeal was that her abductor would withdraw his penis at the point of orgasm and plunge it into the waiting vagina of her abductress -  And if you have ever caught a glimpse of the drawers they wear that must have been some withdrawal method .

The image above, lying Lizzy the following day, no hospital, no checks for venereal disease or pregnancy. Lizzy painted her toenails and watched her favourite movie the evening of her return . God her husband must be dumb but this is Utah baby this is Utah !

Elizabeth Smarts's first words when the police finally caught up with her ' You think I Am That Girl That Ran Away '

Friday, May 4, 2012

#IsabelCelis : Elizabeth Smart STILL Faking It Like A Good Little Mormon Girl - Crazy As A Fox.

Daddy Smart made sure that ALL Lizzy's party images were removed from the internet

Hardly the image of a girl who claims to have been raped how many times a day did she say it was ? Elizabeth, the following day after returning home from her adventure!