Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Elizabeth Smart Adds to the Madeleine McCann Misinformation Factory by Chelsea Hoffman


Elizabeth Smart survived a pretty traumatic ordeal as an abducted teen who was held captive as a pedophile's plaything for the greater part of a year. However, that does not make her an expert in abduction and missing persons case, and it certainly doesn't make her exempt from needing to "research" things before she speaks.

Elizabeth Smart offered her two cents' on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Now, anyone who has done even basic research of this case is well aware of all of the evidence found in the investigation that alludes to the idea that Maddie died in Portugal. In fact, cadaver and blood dogs hit on spots found only in the vacation apartment inhabited by the McCanns as well as their rental car. In fact, tests run on the evidence found in the McCann rental car showed that Maddie was sedated with drugs with lethal levels. Of course the DNA results only matched the child by 88% but given that the dog scented human cadaver oil, it's rather obvious that the DNA is a match for the missing child and not any of her female relatives who did not vanish.

So for Smart to repeat her same old tired speech about every single high profile missing persons case is just borderline stupid. Is she not aware that there was absolutely no evidence of a "break-in" or "abduction?" Is she not aware of the findings of a specifically trained, world-known cadaver dog?

Madeleine McCann is most likely not alive, and all Elizabeth Smart is doing is falling back on the same phrase she uses for every missing case she's offered her 'expert' analysis on since she became a correspondent. Giving people false hope and continuing the false PR of the McCann family is only further distracting people from the evidence that shows blatantly what may have happened to Madeleine McCann.