Saturday, May 5, 2012

Elizabeth Smart Hits British News Stands With Her Web Of Deceit !

The Smart fraud, almost as huge as the McCann fraud . The media love to spin a fantasy and of course faked abduction's have become very trendy. The Daily Mail could give a hoot about investigative journalism or checking the mormon girl's witness testimony of the very bizarre tale she told on how she did not become pregnant during her nine month ordeal...Now here's a line for you to chew over before you read her sob story in the Mail

Elizabeth Smarts explanation for not getting pregnant during her ordeal was that her abductor would withdraw his penis at the point of orgasm and plunge it into the waiting vagina of her abductress -  And if you have ever caught a glimpse of the drawers they wear that must have been some withdrawal method .

The image above, lying Lizzy the following day, no hospital, no checks for venereal disease or pregnancy. Lizzy painted her toenails and watched her favourite movie the evening of her return . God her husband must be dumb but this is Utah baby this is Utah !

Elizabeth Smarts's first words when the police finally caught up with her ' You think I Am That Girl That Ran Away '