Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Globe reported: Lying Lizzy met with Mitchell 6 times before kidnapping.

Elizabeth Smart Met With Mitchell 6 Times Before Kidnapping
The Globe ^ | April 8, 2003 | Globe Reporters

The Secret Meetings

The night Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped at knifepoint from her bedroom by mad messiah Brian David Mitchell was NOT the first time she'd been alone with him!

Shockingly the then 14 year old had met the raving self- proclaimed prophet six times before, says sources.

At least four of those times, the tenderhearted teen--who was raised in a religious home where charity to the less fortunate was encouraged--secretly sneaked off to see the 49-year old Mitchell in a bid to help him, say insiders.

The first time Elizabeth met Mitchell and Wanda was in November 2001, when her mother hired him to do some yard work at the Smart's $1 million Federal Heights home.

"When Elizabeth first met Mitchell, the pair really hit it off right away," says the insider. "They had a long conversation about his mission to the homeless and his calling from God."

After that, mostly unknown to her parents, the bighearted girl met with Mitchell at least five more times in downtown Salt Lake City, where he roamed and spouted his beliefs, say sources.

On a couple of occasions, she went with girlfriends--one of whom was 16 years old and could drive--and the other times she took the bus, says sources. The girls would pool their allowances to buy the couple food.
Her parents' only knew of one visit, when Elizabeth and her girlfriends delivered a box of oranges and apples to a homeless shelter where Mitchell had said he and Wanda lived.

But during the meetings, Elizabeth grew fond of Mitchell and his wife, say sources.

"Elizabeth also liked Wanda immediatley when they first met," says the source. Each time she visited with the couple, Elizabeth had long conversations with them about their beliefs. And Mitchell kept referring to a revelation that he had."

The insider says the generous teen met with Mitchell "repeatedly-- before the kidnapping-- and she really liked their company. She also felt sorry for their circumstances."

Adds another source, "Wanda treated Elizabeth like a daughter and was very affectionate to her. Mitchell was also nice to her--but was always trying to indoctrinate her."

"I think Elizabeth began to believe that he was really a prophet. He was always talking about charity and taking care of the por. These are the things she felt strongly about, too."
During one of these visits, Mitchell told her that she was to become his bride, says sources. And during one, Elizabeth gave him a pair of work boots to replace his worn shoes, which he wore the night he kidnapped her.

Comment: This sounds more like what happened but the people of Utah it seems do not want the truth and heaven forbid they discover Ed Smart and Lizzy are nothing but a couple of corrupt individuals on the make. No, let the lies continue and let two down and outs who did nothing wrong go to prison and they  say crime does not pay. Money, as the Smarts know,can buy you Justice. Is there a reporter out there with the balls to write the truth and save two innocent people from going to gaol, or are they all as spineless as the British hacks?