Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The strange world of the Mormons...


Rape Trauma Syndrome....Elizabeth seems to have not shown any signs of her ordeal

Family resistent to Stockholm Syndrome...

It was also rumoured Elizabeth wanted to play herself in the movie and she did not like the actress chosen to play her part, not pretty enough for Elizabeth.  A girl who has been claiming under Oath she was so terrified, within months, wished to relive her ordeal all over again for the camera.

Troubling me always, the Smarts, the way they allowed a movie to be made of Elizabeth's ordeal within months after her return. If your child was abducted and raped by a drifter, would you sell the rights of her ordeal to NBC and allow a movie of it to be shown on national TV? How doublely traumatizing for Elizabeth if her story were true? 

Even more, they allowed People magazine and Oprah and others to do interviews and photo shoots immediately after Elizabeth's return. Why were they putting that child back in the public spotlight? Didn't she need time to rest and recover? The Oprah interview was particularly interesting. She asked Elizabeth to play the  harp, and while she did, Oprah was doing this little dance thing behind her, almost as if she was making fun of her.

They seem to love to brag about Elizabeth, like she is some kind of trophy ,even now on forums , where one is allowed free speech it is said Ed Smart uses her like a media whore, dragging her from place to place where she is allowed to reply with abrupt yes or no answers.
And the Smarts were always very resistent to the idea that Elizabeth had Stockholm Syndrome. They seem to hate the idea that, after many months, she may have allied with her friends Mitchell and Wanda. When Elizabeth was found, she was not cooperative with the police, and tried to conceal her identity. Even when they ID'd her as Elizabeth  she answered "So thou sayest."I also noticed that the parents seemed to encourage her to put the whole incident behind her. In fact, the whole family talked as if she'd been on some long adventure.  I believe she had.

The movie was going to be made, the magazines were going to discuss her and she was going to be on the news.  They sold the rights to NBC rather than say Lifetime, so that gave them power in over how the story was told. They were also very selective, at first, about who she was interviewed by.  Katie Couric was told what she could and could not say to Elizabeth..which was very strange..maybe Elizabeth would slip up and not keep to the script of ' abduction'?
 The top priority ."Will this help Elizabeth?" Making a movie of her 'alleged ordeal' just a few months after her 'recovery' . Who cares if "other people" watch a movie that's not 100% accurate. Why be so worried about what other people think?
The Smarts needed the money, but more than that they wanted the fame and along with the fame came power.

The Mormons have strange beliefs and truly believe they are 'superior beings' . Maybe Elizabeth is a victim and should be pitied but if she is a victim, it is of her fathers doing and not Mitchell and Wanda's.