Friday, November 12, 2010

Tom Smart inteview with Nancy Grace 2003

Analysis (not by me) on Tom Smart, in an interview with Nancy Grace on LKL, June 12: 2003

**GRACE: Tom Smart, message to the kidnapper tonight, what do you have to say?

SMART: I believe that this person is not a bad person at all.**

What makes him not bad, not being a killer but just a kidnapper, and what about the thoughts of a rapist that is the first thing that comes to everyones mind when someone disappears also how do you really know if they won't kill anyway. How did he know this then?

Maybe they thought he wasn't a bad person 'but he must be Elizabeth was taken'.

I could only think this way if the person was the same age as Elizabeth.

Maybe it is a play on words stating--I/we don't think your a bad person you couldn't hurt someone else. If this is the case I really don't think they should have been playing mind games, you never know what might trigger someone to do something or not do something. He might have been told that when he was a child and hated it.
**And our family has felt strongly for a while.**

Becoming spiritualy strong. Putting problems behind them. Trying to be upstanding members. Many prayers were said on behalf of the Smarts and Elizabeth. I could see how they where feeling strongly. Strongly is a LDS term for feeling comforted and feeling the Spirit of Christ.
**And there's been a comfort here for a while.**

I truly believe they felt the Spirit helping them through this hard time. I am talking about the whole family of the Smarts.

**This is just somebody who actually likes Elizabeth.**

I think this tells us all, they knew who took her and that they knew him and visited with him but didn't realize until afterwards (after Elizabeth disappeared) that Elizabeth was in much danger and at first they really couldn't believe someone like Mitchell would take her. But if he did, which he did he wouldn't hurt her in anyway. (They might still be in deniel of this.)
**We don't know -- we have issues.**

We all have issues and they do stem from what took place when we were children. What happened in the home who knows. Not ours to find out unless they share. Repentance, we don't know what has or hasn't taken place. Also, if they are true.
**We've been ripped apart by our polygraph.**

They do rip you apart, it really is an interigation in which they think they can get away with. Always make sure your lawyer is present. Polygraphs are yes and no questions. If they ask you anything other than that you don't have to answer. It won't register on the graph it is a way to tie you down and watch you react. The way they do this it's a fine line ofot guilty but you are proving your not guilty which in a sence they are saying you are guilty but you don't need a lawyer because you will prove your not guilty yourself. Everyone should remember this even if it is just for a job you are given a polygraph test only answer yes or no questions.

If they tell you, you can't have a lawyer present then they have taken away your rights. They will hold you for hours and hours with no breaks, no food and no rest.

**I don't know who has done what with my brothers.**
I think this does imply that the "rumors" are true, that is to say that there were "rumors" going around and that they were Really Going Around, and that the police were a part of these "rumors". Now for the rumors in itself being real or really being true about the brothers doings--who knows?

(The rumours about the Smart brothers were of a homosexual nature, this was about to break in the media when 'by chance' Elizabeth did her disappearing act)

**We all have issues.**

Repeating having issues, to me this means they have a lot of issues.
**Anybody's taken**

Big question here.?. This comment I fear the most the only thing I see here is more than one.

**-- we've been ripped apart to the core.**

True, but it shouldn't mater unless within the family it is going on.

**And we understand that everybody has issues.**

True, we all do.
** And we pray hard that whoever this is will know that the family is full of compassion towards everybody because this is a wonderful story, in a lot of ways.**

I can see them being full of compassion they received a lot of help trying to find her, that people took time away from thier own families and work to do this. Now if this is what he means by saying this is a wonderful story because of all the help. He needs a reality check because even though thousands came out to help it isn't a wonderful story when a human being disappears without a trace.

You only know if its a wonderful story unless you know the ending. How in the world on June 12th did he know the ending?
You know its a miracle that she survived but it still isn't a wonderful story! Or is it when they make all their money off of it. Which goes back to was this planned out? (hated to say it but it sure does imply it, doesn't it.)
**Because it's about, foremost, a beautiful, little angelic girl.**

I am glad he said that, him and Ed need to hear it because whenever interviewed they always seem to turn the attention on to themselves.
(I also don't think when this is stated about her from the Smarts that they didn't mean other girls missing are not little angels either. I think it was just to talk about Elizabeth, they couldn't think of other missing girls and why should they? They have their own daughter to worry about but now after it being over I do think that should be recognized and that they have and do do this. I did feel bad that they were made to feel guilty for all the media and searchers they got on behalf of Elizabeth. I think that they were attacked when it is the media and the towns people that should have been attacked in the missing persons town.)
**But it's also about--**

Wouldn't we like to hear what it's also about if it isn't about Elizabeth?
** everybody has issues no matter what.

Again the issues. Stated three times when it is stated three times they really want you to stand up listen and get it that they have issues.
**It crosses the boundaries on everything.**

This to me means you defiantly have to get out of your comfort zone because it won't be like anything we could imagine and that we have ever heard of. Again, how did he know this on June 12th?
**It's an amazing story.**

What an amazing story indeed, but again how did you know this? Why, if you did know wasn't something done?
AND if you did know, what was all this crap about Ricci for? meaning Ed's statement to Ricci.