Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Elizabeth Smart: The Media Circus Begins

Legal Bastards
Dr Suusi Watson   02/11/2010 09:55
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Brian David Mitchell is escorted into the trial
Brian David Mitchell is escorted into the trial
USA - After eight years of delays and legal wrangles over the fitness of Brian David Mitchell's  mental health, the one-time street preacher will tried by a jury in Salt Lake City's District Court Utah.

Brian David Mitchell, 57, was indicted in March 2008 on federal charges of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart, then 14, and unlawful transportation of a minor across state lines. offences that he could receive a life sentence.

In a previous trial on November 17, 2009, Wanda Barzee, the wife of Brian David Mitchell, was sentenced to 15 years for her role in the kidnapping. This was the result of a plea bargain, in which seven years of her sentence were said to have been already served. She was forcibly medicated, so that she would be fit to face trial.

The first day was spent starting to trawl through the pool of 220 potential jurors to find 30 people who were unfamiliar with the case. Seventeen jurors were examined, and all were familiar with the case and could recite details of the case. Nine were retained as potential jurors.

Elizabeth Smart
This process will go on until a jury of 12 has been selected and 5 reserve jurors. Only after that will the trial be able to begin.

Outside the courthouse Monday, Mitchell's former stepdaughter said she doesn't believe an impartial jury can be seated.

"Not in Utah, no way," said Rebecca Woodridge, who visits Mitchell frequently at the Salt Lake County Jail. "I'm hearing (jurors) thinking a lot about what they should say so they can get on the jury and hang him."

Woodridge wouldn't say if she thinks Mitchell is guilty.
"I think he is mentally ill and needs a lot of help," she said.

There are a number of serious questions that need to be addressed in this trial. Although the fact that Elizabeth Smart was undoubtedly with Mitchell and Barzee, the question is was she with them by choice?

Is she a rebellious runaway or a genuine kidnap victim? This is not the sort of question that a wholesome family men and women of the all Mormon (LDS) jury would wish to address.

Remaining on the subject though, the jury will have to ask why the screen was slashed from the inside and who did it?

There is one other key part of the evidence, that goes to the heart of the case. Elizabeth Smart claimed to have been Manacles by the leg for the first months of her captivity. This leaves a slave scar. It will be interesting to see if such evidence if presented.

The trial continues...
Comment: Lying Lizzy , yes watching the circus and questions need to be asked but will never be asked or answered. Forensics my dear, everything hangs or falls by forensics these days. Seems old Ed and lying Lizzy are above the law, not one image of lying Lizzys poor little leg, shackled according to her while she was raped four times a day not forgetting Wanda, who also had a go...rub marks would leave a scar...yep it seems old lying Lizzy' Americas little angel' not only left her mind free from trauma but also her body.
It would appear it is not Mitchell who is in need of a shrink but those at the top in Utah who are running this circus.