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Elizabeth Smart: Abduction or Runaway?

 20/10/2009 03:17
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This photo taken from television and released by CNN shows
This photo taken from television and released by CNN shows
USA - During the last month Elizabeth has sworn, under Oath that Brian David Mitchell, a onetime street preacher, raped her three or four times a day and threatened to kill her if she screamed or tried to escape.

When asked to describe Mitchell she said, in a voice that did not falter. "Evil, wicked, manipulative, stinky, slimy, greedy, selfish, not spirited, not religious, not close to God". Smart in our two hour session went on to add. "he said he was the voice of God on earth and that he would reign over Gods children until Jesus came".

Smart also said that Mitchell along with his wife, held her captive with a 10 foot cable tethered between two trees and bolted to her leg. Smart says Mitchell took her at knife point into the mountains and made her his polygamous wife, after which he proceeded to rape her.

Lets return to the night of the alleged abduction, June 5th 2002. Elizabeth is taken from her bedroom in the early hours of the morning. The one night that Ed Smart, her farther said he did not set the burglar alarm as the children may wake and set it off.

Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee
Her sister Mary Katherine, aged 9,  who sleeps in the same bed as fourteen year old, is the only witness who said it was too dark to see his face, she only heard him whisper something to her sister. He had a gun, this was later found not to be true, possibly a knife which was used as a way to gain entry through the window (the mesh was slashed) Mesh that forensics said had been slashed from inside the house and not outside.

Mary Katherine did not rush and tell her parents of the terrible fate that had happened to Elizabeth. Instead she waited , because she was afraid she said. I can understand a 9 year old being afraid. A man had just abducted her sister.

Mary Katherine after a while woke her father. What did he do on hearing this news. Did he dial 911 and ask the police to come immediately. No, instead he called friends, neighbors and relatives. He later called the police. On their arrival, there were more than twelve cars outside the home of Ed Smart on Kristianna Circle. All forensic evidence would have been destroyed. Police bloodhounds were brought in to try and track the scent of Elizabeth but to no avail.

7.30 a.m Elizabeth was Headline News. 9 a.m. police and volunteers had started the hunt for Elizabeth and the man whom her sister had described?

A campaign began and Smarts brother became the Spokesman for the family. Posters were handed out in 5 States with a 3 year old photo of Elizabeth.

June 14th Richard Ricci becomes a suspect ,thanks to the description from Mary Katherine.

June 24th arrest of Ricci is announced

July 11th Ricci is charged with theft from the Smart home.

Aug. 27th Ricci collapses in prison.

Aug 30th Ricci dies of brain hemorrhage. (Ricci had always denied being involved in the disappearance of Elizabeth).

After the death of Ricci, Mary Katherine months later suddenly remembers it was not Ricci but a man they knew as 'Emmanuel". he had worked in their home. Ed Smart had a habit of employing drifters to work in his house that he was about to place on the market. he had no knowledge of their background, nor did he seem to care.

Mitchell, Barzee (Mitchell's wife) along with Elizabeth , were seen on March 11th in North Las Vegas begging for change in front of a Burger King.They were dressed in day clothes. Staff members called the police as customers had started to complain about the trio.

By the time the police arrived they had moved on.However the police did spot them a little later and questioned them. Mitchell said his name was 'Peter Marshall' and that Barzee was his wife 'Juliette' and that Elizabeth was his daughter 'Augustine'.

The following day Salt Lake City Police received a call, a woman claimed to have seen Mitchell.

Police Officer Karen Jones approached the trio and asked for identification.

Meanwhile Troy Rasmussen had also arrived and recognised Elizabeth even though she was in disguise. Grey wig and dark glasses. He called her over and started to question her. Elizabeth told the officer that she was 18 years old and also remarked, "I know who you think I am, you think I am that girl who ran away".

She became annoyed with the officer and denied she was Elizabeth Smart. When he asked her why she was wearing a wig, again she lied and said it was her own hair.
Elizabeth was becoming agitated and asked what would happen to her two friends, she did not ask about her parents or siblings.

More officers arrived and she was asked once again if she was Elizabeth Smart. "If thou sayeth, I sayeth" she replied.
The news was broadcast and there was joy in America Elizabeth had been found, not only alive but looking extremely well.

A movie and books were released the same year. Elizabeth even wanted to play herself in the movie. The producer declined her offer.

5 1/2 years later a trial may be about to take place. But Elizabeth will not be around, she is going to France for two years to be a missionary in a Mormon (LDS) Church. The irony being she will be wearing the same robes and singing the same hymns as David Brian Mitchell.

One final point. What happened on the night of Elizabeth's return.? was she in the hospital.? were forensics taking photos of her leg that was tied to a tree.  . No, Ed Smart said that Elizabeth was happy at home playing her harp and watching her favourite movie.

Where are the forensics to prove that this abduction and rape ever took place? There is none, only the word of Elizabeth Smart and her father.

Surely after a month of being shackled to a tree by the leg, She would have a scar where the shackle rubbed against her leg.

Mitchell has pled 'Not Guilty' to all charges.

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