Thursday, November 11, 2010

Smart Calls Alleged Abductor Hypocrite Who Used Religion to Justify Crime

Smart Calls Alleged Abductor Hypocrite Who Used Religion to Justify Crime

Published November 10, 2010
The man accused of abducting Elizabeth Smart was a crude, vulgar, self-serving person who used religion to justify his actions, including her kidnapping and rape, she told jurors on her third and final day of testimony.
"He was his number one priority, followed by sex, drugs and alcohol, but he used religion in all of those aspects to justify everything," Smart said in a clear voice.

She finished her testimony Wednesday morning after just 15 minutes of cross-examination by a defense lawyer for Brian David Mitchell, an itinerant street preacher accused of taking her from home knifepoint on June 5, 2002, when she was 14.

Comment: 15 minutes ????? The mother said 'GUN' now we are back to knife and the 'defense' for Mitchell remain silent. You could run a tractor through the lies of the Smarts paper thin case. Mitchell hung, drawn and quartered as only the States corrupt judicial system know how'. It is shameful and a disgrace and very, very frightening, they can do this to anyone , money talks.

Mitchell, 57, is charged in federal court with kidnapping and unlawful transportation of a minor across state lines. If convicted, he faces a life sentence.

Elizabeth Smart was 14 when she was kidnapped in June 2002 from her bedroom in Salt Lake City. She was held captive for nine months. Brian David Mitchell is accused of abducting and raping her as one of his polygamous wives to fulfill a religious prophesy. Smart was rescued in March 2003 and in October of 2009, she testified against Mitchell for the first time, calling him 'evil' and 'slimy.'

Smart gave a spirited rejection of that contention on the stand Wednesday, calling Mitchell a hypocrite.
"Nine months of living with him and seeing him proclaim that he was God's servant and called to do God's work and everything he did to me was my family is something that I know that God would not tell somebody to do," she said. "God would never tell someone to kidnap her at knifepoint from their bed, from her sister's side ... never continue to rape her and sexually abuse her."

Comment: Lying Lizzy also Gods servant, I wonder what he thinks of all her blatant lies?

Ed also known to not be able to remember their 'Story'

Now 23, Smart was found in March 2003 with Mitchell.

In previous testimony, she said during those nine months that she endured almost daily rapes and was forced to drink alcohol, use drugs and view pornography.

"He said I needed to continue to be there and available for him when he needed me, wanted me," Smart said, according to Fox 13. "Being there for his sexual needs and desires. He also told me that it was my duty to clean up around the camp and that although that might seem mundane, all those things had eternal significance. They were of eternal value and weight."  

On the night of her kidnapping, Smart said Mitchell led her to a mountainside camp above Salt Lake City, where she was stripped of her red pajamas and dressed in white robes before being forced to marry him in a quickie ceremony Mitchell performed himself.

Mitchell also repeatedly threatened that Smart, her family, or anyone who tried to help her would be killed if she ever tried to escape.

Smart said she did reach out for help on one of the trips she made with Mitchell and his wife at the time, Wanda Eileen Barzee, from their campsite.

"Ms. Barzee took me into the bathroom at the Hard Rock Cafe and I tried to scratch 'help' into the bathroom stall," Smart said.

Much of Wednesday's testimony centered on Mitchell's use of faith and his writing, "The Book of Immanuel David Isiah," a rambling tome that outlines his own brand of religions that mixed Bible teachings with the early doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and New Age philosophers.

Smart said she had read the book and Mitchell had spoken of it with her but had never discussed his controversial ideas about faith -- including polygamy -- with anyone else.

Comment : Photograph above of Mitchell when Lizzy claims to have been 'abducted' The 'orchestration' played out in the courts that he is a vagabond. How many days has the court not allowed this man to wash, shave or cut his hair. Does he even have a choice? The jury have already said they believe he abducted and raped her so why after all these years are we having a farcical trial? Who is the audience? and why is no one coming forward to say they saw Elizabeth and at no time did she ask anyone for help?Why are the American people standing by and letting this injustice take place? Where are the reporters with a nose to dig back into the past and write the truth? Are they all afraid of the Ed Smarts of this world.
For evil to triumph all it takes is for good men to stand by and do nothing. Are the American Press going to let evil triumph? it would appear so.