Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where is Eds 911 call?

Where is the evidence in the kangaroo trial of Elizabeth Smart? Rape is a serious allegation and why was Elizabeth not taken to hospital for evidence of these claims to now be shown in a court of law ? instead she went home to play her harp. Hardly sounds like a trauma case, a child who claims to have been raped not only four times a day by a man but also a woman, Mitchells partner.

Where is the forensic evidence of the slashed mesh on the window the Smarts claim Mitchell entered by, alleged forensic evidence that proved the window was slashed from inside.

Where is the 911 tape to be played 'in a court of law' of Ed Smart claiming his daughter had been abducted at KNIFE/GUNPOINT depending on which of the Smart family is telling the story?

The 911 tape has never been played for the simple reason it was a call abusing the AMBER ALERT system, a cry for help for a runaway child. Ed Smart knew he did not have a hope in hell of being heard for a runaway but a child kidnapped at knife/gunpoint, now thats a whole new ball game.

Money buys you Justice in the United States of America. I am baffled as to why they are bothering with a trial at all but then it is the tax payer who is footing the bill  and not a dollar from the Smarts pocket. Plus there will be the interviews and books , lining the Smarts already bulging pockets and of course Ed Smart likes to see his face on the tube.

?Who are you? Why are you taking me? cried Elizabeth


As they say folks.... Only in America and England do your contacts enable you to be above the law.