Wednesday, November 10, 2010

People Magazine


In this People Magazine article, Elizabeth says, “I feel so fortunate that I was able to come through this unscarred.” Unscarred? I thought she was repeatedly raped? Wasn’t she a virgin before she was “kidnapped?” People magazine’s interviewer remarked, “It’s hard to believe Elizabeth Smart could be completely untouched by what she went through.” Yep, that’s why I don’t believe it. Victims who are psychologically attached to her kidnappers -to the point of not trying to escape when they have an opportunity- do not just magically dissolve their bond with the perpetrator once they are rescued. The psychological attachment conditioning and fears of death do not just disappear into the wind the day the victim returns home or is rescued.

Further evidence that Elizabeth was a runaway is found in reports that TV news personality, Katie Couric, apparently received some heat from Elizabeth’s parents about a planned interview with Elizabeth. Ed and Lois Smart made it clear that Couric was not to ask Elizabeth any questions that might “traumatize her.”
Yet Elizabeth said that from the first day she came home she was fine. So if she had put it all behind her by the time of the interview and no longer traumatized, then what would her parents have to fear?

 If Elizabeth has the remarkable ability to not be affected in the least by her rapes and trauma, then why wouldn’t she be able to speak of it? Was her parents fear due to their not wanting Couric to ask some hard questions that might make Elizabeth and the Smart family look bad? Could it be that they did not want the truth to come out?
Referring to Elizabeth, Couric told the Associated Press, “Part of her healing process is her ability to make decisions and do what she wants to do, obviously with her parents’ consent.” First off, this is an oxymoronic statement and secondly, why would part of the girl’s healing process be to make her own decisions? When you are kidnapped at knife point, raped, tied to a tree, and terrorized in captivity for nine months your healing process would consist of therapy that treats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Therapy allowing a teen to make her own decisions is indicative of a rebellious girl who ran away because of her restrictive conservative Mormon parents.

Comment: There is nothing on record that lying Lizzy had any kind of therapy nor is there any DNA evidence /semen from her daily four times a day rapes. Lizzy was found at lunchtime, therefore according to her she would have been raped twice that morning and as she later claimed Wanda also took her turn, the girl would have been covered in evidence...instead she went home and watched her favourite movie