Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2003 and more sources.

Ed Smart used Amber alert to his own advantage knowing his daughter had runaway but by calling police and claiming his daughter had been taken at gun/knife point they had to respond. The abduction was not believed by police which is why Smart fell out with them. In  the early days it was noticed there seemed to be coded messages from family members via TV to Elizabeth and who ever was holding her.  These were not please release her messages to an abductor, but to a young girl who had gone astray. They were talking directly to Elizabeth.

No Amber alerts to be issued for runaways even if your name does happen to be Ed Smart


I actually have a inside source who says that Mary Katherine was secretly visiting the threesome regularly throughout the whole nine months, because she was eager to learn all about Emmanuel's religious revelations and to become one of his wives as soon as she turned thirteen (which Emmanuel said was marrying age). Her parents didn't know about these secret visits, because MK always said she was just going to a friend's house. Now Elizabeth is helping MK keep this dark secret from their parents and the prosecutors, and they're both terrified that the truth will come out, and that MK will be severely punished. And my source is every bit as credible as the Globe

COMMENT: I always found it very strange for the trial  to take so many years before being heard. Katherine, is now a young woman, not so easy to break, but as a child she would have been afraid and it would have been easy to prove she too was a liar.