Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did Mormon Church Covered up truth about Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping

The distortions and The Media Circus Begins once again.

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It is now eight years since the Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping. As some of
you may or may not know. I was a paid contributor of information and
research in the Elizabeth Smart Alleged Abduction. I also acted as a
media liaison to one of the people Elizabeth Smart lived with during
the alleged kidnapping.

Do I believe Elizabeth Smart was held against her will? No!

From the onset , the stories have been twisted by Utah Authorities,
The Mormon Church and The family of Elizabeth Smart. After an
interview with the persons that Elizabeth Smart stayed with during the
kidnapping. They were clear in stating that during that time. There
was no sex between the alleged abductor and Elizabeth Smart.

Elizabeth has sworn, under Oath that Brian David Mitchell, a onetime
street preacher, raped her three or four times a day and threatened to
kill her if she screamed or tried to escape..
When asked to describe Mitchell she said, in a voice that did not
falter. "Evil, wicked, manipulative, stinky, slimy, greedy, selfish,
not spirited, not religious, not close to God". Smart in our two hour
session went on to add. "he said he was the voice of God on earth and
that he would reign over Gods children until Jesus came".

If this is true, why did she go with Mitchell? WE must remember that
the Mormon Church has a distorted view of who God and Jesus are. Nazis
and Jews together are Baptized into the Mormon Faith after their
deaths, Israel and Jews have protested this practice. The Mormon faith
also describes Blonde hair , blue eye girls like Elizabeth Smart as
the "Delightsome"".
Nephi 30:6 in the Book of Mormon taught that dark-skinned Lamanites
(Indians) would eventually experience a change in the color of their
skin should they embrace the Book of Mormon. This passage of Mormon
scripture read:

"...their scales of darkness shall begin to fall from their eyes; and
many generations shall not pass away among them, save they shall be a
white and a delightsome people."

Lets return to the night of the alleged abduction, June 5th 2002.
Elizabeth is taken from her bedroom in the early hours of the morning.
The one night that Ed Smart, her father said he (did not) set the
burglar alarm as the children may wake and set it off.
Her sister Mary Katherine, aged 9, who sleeps in the same bed as
fourteen year old, is the only witness who said it was too dark to see
his face,
he only heard him whisper something to her sister. He had a
gun, this was later found not to be true
Mary Katherine did not rush and tell her parents of the terrible fate
that had happened to Elizabeth. Instead she waited , because she was
afraid she said. I can understand a 9 year old being afraid. A man had
just abducted her sister.

Hours later, Elizabeth was Headline News. 9 a.m. police and volunteers
had started the hunt for Elizabeth and the man whom her sister had

June 14th Richard Ricci becomes a suspect ,thanks to the description
from Mary Katherine.

June 24th arrest of Ricci is announced

July 11th Ricci is charged with theft from the Smart home.

Aug. 27th Ricci collapses in prison.

Aug 30th Ricci dies of brain hemorrhage. (Ricci had always denied
being involved in the disappearance of Elizabeth).

After the death of Ricci, Mary Katherine months later suddenly
remembers it was not Ricci but a man they knew as 'Emmanuel".
he had
worked in their home. Ed Smart had a habit of employing drifters to
work in his house that he was about to place on the market. he had no
knowledge of their background, nor did he seem to care.

Ricci was
dead and there was blood on the hands of the Smart family, the D.A.
and the LDS /Mormon Church

The hunt for Elizabeth Smart grew and the Mormon Church took over what
information the media
was to receive.

 When Elizabeth Smart was discovered by Police.
Elizabeth even though she was in disguise. Grey wig and dark glasses.
He called her over and started to question her. Elizabeth told the
officer that she was 18 years old and also remarked, "I know who you
think I am, you think I am that girl who ran away".

She became annoyed with the officer and denied she was Elizabeth
When he asked her why she was wearing a wig, again she lied and
said it was her own hair. Elizabeth was becoming annoyed and asked
what would happen to her two friends, she did not ask about her
parents or siblings.

What happened on the night of MS Smarts return.? was she
hospitalized?l.? Police were taking photos of her leg that was
allegedly tied to a tree?. . No, Ed Smart said that Elizabeth was
happy at playing her harp and watching TV

Where are the forensics to prove that this kidnapping and rape ever
took place? There is none, only the word of Elizabeth Smart and her

After a month of being chained to a tree/ Her legs tied? She would
have a scar where the chains rubbed against her leg?
The distortions and The Media Circus Begins once again.

 Truth will as
important as the death of MR Ricci who was falsely accused of the

Rumors going around said that MR Ricci was very close to
Ed Smart and MR Smart even gave MR. Ricci a car. Yet, Ed Smart said he
hardly knew MR Ricci.

Is Elizabeth Smarts story true of created by the Mormon Church. It
sounds as believable as the LDS version of the Mountain Meadows