Friday, November 5, 2010

No Amber Alerts are to be issued for Runaways

This is interesting…Utah adopted the Amber Plan on 2nd A pril 2002…The first issued (Rachael) Amber Alert was for Elizabeth Smart June 5th 2002….

No Amber Alerts are to be issued for Runaways….

If Smart had said before April 2nd 2002 his daughter had runaway he knew as young as she was there was nothing that could be done…maybe search for her for a couple of days and wait for the rebel Elizabeth, to return home.. If this was on going and the police knew, Smart was helpless.

Elizabeth , ran away again BUT this time Smart had a weapon a powerful weapon…Amber Alert… he phoned the police and this time reported an Abduction…The very first Amber Alert in Utah was for Elizabeth Smart on June 5th 2002..not yet two months since this was granted. The rest is history.