Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ed Smart and his friend Dr.Gerald McCann's Big Secret

I believe Ed Smart abused the Amber Alert system by crying 'abduction' for a runaway child. There is one great difference between the Madeleine McCann case and the Smart case, Elizabeth is alive and three year old Madeleine is dead.

Ed Smart wishes to destroy Mitchell and Wanda by keeping them locked up in jail until they die for the simple reason, he does not want them to talk.

Dr.Gerald McCann wants to destroy the investigating officer who worked on his daughters case, not because he wrote a book as he claims,  but because of what the book contains.

A colleauge of Dr.McCanns, a doctor  , went to the police with fears one of the men on holiday with the McCanns may be a paedophile. The statement is in the book written by Dr.Goncalo Amaral 'The Truth of the Lie'. Gerry McCann cannot afford for the British public to see this statement and the British press through the McCanns lawyers, are gagged from publishing it.

Part of statement from above link.

I was seated between David and Gerry who were both speaking about Madeleine. I don’t remember the conversation in its entirety, but id did appear they were discussing a possible scenario. I remember David telling Gerry something like “she” (referring to Madeleine) “would she do this”.Upon mentioning “this”, David was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it inside and outside his mouth, and with the other hand encircled his breast in a gyrating fashion over his shirt. This was done in a provocative manner and carried an explicit insinuation in relation to what he was doing.

I remember that I was shocked at this, and looked at Gerry, and also at Dave, to gauge their reactions. I looked around (page 4) as is saying “did someone else hear that, or was it just me”. Silence registered in all the conversations and after, we all began conversing again.

I never spoke to anyone about this, but always felt that it was very strange and not something that should be discussed or said.

Besides this, I remember that David once again did the same thing. When I refer to this, I want to clarify that it was during a conversation in which he was talking about an imaginary situation. I do not know of what. I believe that he was talking about his own daughter, Lily, although I cannot be certain. He put one of his fingers in his mouth and slide it in and out, and with the other hand, drew a circle around his breast in a sexually provocative way. I believe that he was referring to what Lily would do.