Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UTAH ,Susan Powell, was a Mormon (I say was, because I believe her to be dead) the husband, has long gone with the children and all that is left a wet patch on the carpet's family home with two small fans trying to dry it. What more proof do you need that a crime has been commited and Susan is dead ? circumstancial evidence backed up by cadaver dogs and forensics or don't they do things by the book in UTAH?. Elizabeth Smart case, there was not a shred of forensic to prove anything but the lies of a Mormon girl is this the same with good old Josh Powell and his new theory. Who is protecting Josh and why? What kind of 'outlaw' justice is served upon the brainwashed of Salt Lake City?

On the one-year anniversary of missing West Valley City woman, Susan Cox Powell, her husband, Josh Powell shares his own theory about her disappearance.

Josh Powell is the only person of interest in the case and later moved to Washington with their children months after Susan went missing.
Powell's theory is not flattering about his wife and his sister and Susan's friends in Utah say his theory is light on reality and heavy on desperation.
"When I read the pages yesterday, I laughed because it was so ridiculous," said Kiirsi Hellewell. "I think it shows more than ever that they're trying everything they can try to deflect attention away from Josh and suspicions away from Josh."

Josh Powell's website dedicated to finding his missing wife is saying she ran away with another man, Steven Koecher who also disappeared in December 2009.
 The website uses general attributes of Susan and Koercher, describing both are LDS, similar ages and similar dates of disappearance.

"There's a lot of LDS people in Utah that are in their 20's and just because these two happened to tragically disappear in the month of December, that's all there is to it.
 They've never met. They have no connection whatsoever," Hellewell said.

Josh Powell's sister, Jennifer Graves said her brother lacks credibility passing on a theory without talking to detectives."They act like they're so interested in finding Susan and let's help investigators but I still want to know why Josh isn't willing to come and talk to the West Valley Police," Graves said.

Josh Powell's father who supports his son's theory, responded to some e-mailed question from FOX 13 saying,
 "We hope what we have presented is helpful in their search. None of us, including the police agencies and federal agents, can know for certain whether or not they are together.
This is a possibility that must be taken seriously," said Steve Powell.