Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elizabeth Smart Has Advice For Kidnap Victim Jaycee Dugard

August 28, 2009 12:00 AM 

Elizabeth Smart is one of the few people who can relate to Jaycee Dugard, who has been rescued after 18 years living in a secret backyard.

Elizabeth, who was kidnapped in 2002 and held captive for almost a year, says when she was found she felt relief and happiness. She told Anderson Cooper on Thursday, "I was just excited to be home and back to the people that I know love and care for me and I know want the best for me. I think Jaycee is probably feeling something along those lines as well."

Comment: When Elizabeth was 'found' as she likes to put it..she denied she was Elizabeth Smart not once BUT three times ,she claimed to be 18 years old and told the police 'You think I am that girl who ran away'
Elizabeth went home to play 'chopsticks' paint her toenails ,while her father went on the rampage screaming on the top of his voice about ' Amber Alert to anyone who wanted to hear or not.. Elizabeth Smart was not raped, Elizabeth Smart is a liar and a fraudster. Elizabeth Smart is in no position to tell Jaycee how to cope with trauma because Elizabeth  Smart has no idea what Jaycee has been through.

Jaycee, who was abducted off the streets of South Lake Tahoe, Calif. in 1991 when she was just 11, was found this week. She had been living behind the house of convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido and his wife, who both now face multiple charges. Garrido fathered Jaycee's two daughters, now aged 15 and 11.

Elizabeth's advice to Jaycee? "I would tell her to just relax and enjoy your family and spend some time reconnecting. Maybe if it's possible to think back and think of things that she enjoyed doing with her family, and maybe going out and doing them again, and finding new things she would want to do with her family."

She adds, "I would just encourage her to find different passions in life and continually push forward and learn more and reach more for them and not to look behind, because there’s a lot out there."