Friday, April 20, 2012

Utah: Mormon Lies And Deception - Twelve Facts Most People Do Not Know About Their Sordid Past

A Mormon Speaks Out

I grew-up being indoctrinated in the faith known as Mormonism, and as a teenager I began to understand that several things didn’t add-up and lost my faith in a religion that to me, seemed to be of man and had nothing to do with God other than enriching the hierarchy of the Church leadership. Since I was a Mormon at one time I believed that I was well versed in Mormon history, but after watching the new H2 History Channel last night titled “Ten Things You Don’t Know About” which related to Mormon history, I realized there are many teaching that are not taught to members of the church, and according to polls on H2, approximately 80% of the general population remain in the dark about the true history of the Mormons. Some of these facts are sad, others are despicable, and one or two items are downright hilarious (to me) when I look back and remember the strict moral guidelines that the average members of the church are forced to adhere to. We subscribe to these History Channels and NatGeo to increase our knowledge and understanding of history and science and I hope that you find these facts as interesting as I did, whereas I’m sure that Mitt Romney and Mormons in general will not appreciate me attempting to convey their sordid past to the rest of the general public whom do not have the time or ability to view the H2 History more