Saturday, March 26, 2011

Casey Anthony. The McCanns. Defence for Anthony trying to have the dog evidence thrown out as they say they are unreliable. Gerry McCann said the same thing, however the McCanns went out of their way to prove the dogs were unreliable by going to the State's and referring to the the Eugune Zapata case, it turned out the dogs were correct and the McCanns never mentioned Eugune Zapata ever again.. ...

Times, September 17, 2007The judge told the court: “The state has failed to convince me that it’s any more reliable than the flip of a coin.” The jury is considering its verdict.

UPDATED: 7:18 am CST February 19, 2008

MADISON, Wis. -- Eugene Zapata entered a guilty plea on Monday to a reduced charge of homicide by reckless conduct in connection to his wife's disappearance 30 years ago and was sentenced to time behind bars.
Appearing in Dane County Circuit Court on Monday, Zapata was sentenced to five years in prison after entering the guilty plea. Zapata, 69, pleaded guilty as part of a deal with prosecutors. The sentence was the maximum sentence for the charge, WISC-TV reported.
Blanchard said because Jeanette Zapata's body was dumped in numerous Dumpsters at the landfill, there is no way to recover her remains.