Sunday, April 17, 2011

McCanns onslaught to destroy Dr.Goncalo Amaral...thankfully they lost their case. How much further are the McCanns prepared to go to stop this ex-detective from speaking about Madeleine?....The Ramseys wrote a book and the detective who worked on the case wrote a book...they slugged it out on Larry King Live....but at no point did it come to this 'freedom of speech' is precious and the McCanns are trying to silence everyone who will not believe their story....

McCann perdem -The McCanns lose

O Ministério Público de Portimão arquivou uma queixa de Isabel Duarte, advogada do casal McCann, que acusava Gonçalo Amaral de ter prestado falsas declarações à Segurança Social para obter apoio judiciário. O MP considera que Amaral não cometeu qualquer crime.

The Public Ministry of Portimão threw out the complaint of Isabel Duarte, the lawyer for the McCanns, which accused Gonçalo Amaral of making false declarations to the Social Security in order to obtain judicial support. The PM considered that Amaral did not commit any crime.

Gonçalo Amaral says that this is another defeat for the McCanns. Another setback in their attemp to assassinate me "civilly".