Monday, April 18, 2011

Piers Morgan: Is he aware he has sealed the deal to talk about Kates 'account of the truth'...or is he another J K Rowling being used to add celebrity status to the McCann circus. J K . made it perfectly clear last week she has NOTHING to do with Kates ' account of the truth'....Piers Morgan ,do ask Kate why she refused to answer 48 questions and do ask Kate why she and her friends refused to go back and do a reconstruction...Piers if Kate answers the questions the case will be re-opened as this counts as new evidence...and Kates ' account of the truth' may finally be known.


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Piers Morgan is favourite to clinch the first major TV interview with Kate McCann
Monday April 18,2011

By Daily Express Reporter

CHAT show host Piers Morgan is favourite to clinch the first major TV interview with Kate McCann to kick start a new global campaign to find her daughter.
The former Britain’s Got Talent judge is in a bidding war with US rival Oprah Winfrey but is boasting:

“I’ll get it.”

Kate, 42, is prepared to appear on camera after writing Madeleine, her account of the 2007 disappearance of her daughter while on holiday in Portugal.

She and husband Gerry hope the book – published on May 12, Madeleine’s eighth birthday – will be read by the girl’s abductors.

Kate says a high-profile interview in the US will re-ignite the hunt.

Morgan, 46, took over from chat legend Larry King to front the CNN show in January.

Oprah, who had Kate as guest on her show two years ago, is desperate to win her back.

But a McCann source said: “The two giants of American chat shows are battling it out. The deal is not done but Piers is hot favourite.”

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