Sunday, February 12, 2012

Utah : Elizabeth Smart - Something Stinks !

According to key sources with a new investigation, alleged kidnapped and rape victim Elizabeth Smart may not actually be a victim at all. Rather, as it is currently being investigated, she may be part of an elaborate conspiracy in which she, along with her parents, were attempting to acquire a twisted form of fame enjoyed by psychopaths....

My two cents ,her 'crazy like a fox' father was sick of her runnimg away from home and abused the Amber Alert system.....the media, a powerful tool and good contacts did the rest.

The family are a bunch of sick perverts , part of a very disturbed Mormon cult who wear baggy drawers.

Elizabeth Smarts explanation for not getting pregnant during her ordeal was that her abductor would withdraw his penis at the point of orgasm and plunge it into the waiting vagina of her abductress -  yeah right !