Sunday, July 29, 2012

James Holmes Shooting : BUT No One Wants To Discuss The Mormon Missing Person Hoax ?

MORMONS brainbleached the world with the Smart missing person hoax, believed to this day as an abduction

Smart partying with her 'abductor' two days before his arrest.

The day of Smarts 'abductors' arrest - demonized for the Americans. Notice the beard length made longer and shades of grey added.

Smart the moment she was 'found'. Who washed and braided her hair for the photoshoot? Is this a victim of thrice daily rape ?

Wanda, I would imagine braided the hair of Elizabeth. The Police when they finally caught up with the runaway teen said ' What will happen to my friends'? Hardly the words of a victim !
AND YES she did say to the police 'you think I am the girl who ran away'

AND Never Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth. Within A Month New Child Protection Laws were In Place