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Tom Cruise And Scientology : Life In The Sea Org . Understanding Why Katie Holmes Fled And Wants FULL Custody Of Their Daughter Suri.. ( Video 1 - 3 )

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Astra Woodcraft was seven years old when her parents thrust her into the world of Scientology's "elite" Sea Organization.
From the cramped quarters of the motel room her family of five shared when they first arrived at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, Astra was moved into a dormitory where, because Scientology would not provide a bed for her, she slept on a couch for a year.

This was the beginning of Astra's life in the sub-standard and oppressive living environment that is accepted as routine to those in the Sea Organization
In "The Story of Kate," Astra Woodcraft details the pressure that was brought to bear on her to abort her baby when it was discovered that she was pregnant. Meet Astra's beautiful daughter, Kate, who is alive today because of Astra's courageous escape from Scientology's Sea Organization.
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