Monday, January 10, 2011

Ed Smart / Dr.Gerald McCann / Amber Alert and the connection. This video made by a reporter asked at the time ALL the right questions, those questions still need answers. The powers that be sought to have this video removed. The reporter SPUDGUN fought for this footage to remain in the public domain and the video remains to this day. Looking back, a picture has emerged and what the 'plan' or as Dr.McCann liked to call it 'The Wide Agenda'..this is a work in progress, I shall be adding more links as and when I find them

WIKILEAKS and the reaction by the McCanns was interesting, they jumped all over it and their concerns were of individuals once again pointing the finger at them and claiming the 'CABLES? were a fake, or did their concern go much deeper ?. I believe the concern came more from the fact US Diplomats were discussing Madeleine McCann. Why would the abduction of a British three year old warrant such interest from WASHINGTON?

Now, please watch the video and read the following links and see if you can fit the jigsaw .The American Goverment has no concern about 'leaks' and what has been said through the diplomatic channels. BUT the American Goverment lives in 'fear' that their own people , the American people , discover their plans.

SPUDGUN: The real Madeleine McCann story......

Thank you to everyone who has posted comments. I still believe, THREE years after having posted this, that these and many other questions still need to be answered, irrespective of what happened in Portugal that night. I am sure the HUGE, concerted efforts by some individuals will eventually result in having this Video removed from YouTube, as they have managed to achieve this with the very same video last week on GOOGLE Video. This video has been the subject of a very sustained attack over the past Months, a clear, organised attempt to have it deleted. Whatever your thought’s about the McCann case, I believe this has a right to exist. I feel that most of its questions are honest and valid, and can and should be posed without prejudice, and that to this day, they remain unanswered.

To continue.. the victim of the 'abduction' must be from good stock this is where we can apply 'Missing White Girl Syndrome' White, blonde and blue eyed for maximum media coverage.

Goverments want our DNA, we have a perfect example at the moment with the murder of Jo Yeates , she fits the 'White girl syndrome' men are told they must give their DNA..ALL men who live in the Bristol area even though police admit Jo was murdered by someone of her inner circle. Jo Yeates death is being used by the Goverment to collect DNA from a City. They will then wait for another ' White Girl Syndrome' to do the same in another area. If this is shown to help the police find Jo's killer, I believe we will have no choice and it will become compulsory.