Wednesday, January 5, 2011

INCONSISTENCIES AND CRACKS START TO SHOW IN THE SMART STORY.( WE HAVE THIS NOW IN THE DEWANI STORY IN ENGLAND)...INCONSISTENCIES ARE A POLITE WAY OF SAYING 'LIES' DEWANI IS A LIAR AND SO ARE THE SMART FAMILY.... We are still with the 'GUN' and now the hairy hands make their debut.. I like the garage door suddenly making an appearance...Gerry McCann did the very same thing..he said he now believes the abductor was already in the apartment.and good old Ed said he believes the 'abductor' was hiding out in the garage...make it up as you go along..just make sure the money keeps rolling in....the gullible folk of America swallowed the story hook line and sinker and made the Smarts richer than their wildest dreams.

New Twist Changes Story On Missing Utah Girl

Account Reported About Elizabeth's Sister Has Changed

SALT LAKE CITY -- Details surrounding the disappearance of 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart have gotten more confusing. Smart has been missing from her Utah home since June 5.
The confusion arises from contradictory statements about the actions of Elizabeth's 9-year-old sister. In a news conference Tuesday morning, a Salt Lake City police spokesman said that the man who reportedly kidnapped the teen warned Elizabeth to be quiet to avoid awakening family members.

In previous statements, however, police had said that the intruder threatened Elizabeth's 9-year-old sister, Mary Katherine Smart, with harm if she made any noise.
In Tuesday's press conference, Capt. Scott Atkinson, (pictured, below right) said that the suspect apparently didn't realize that Mary Katherine saw him during the time he was in the house. The girl said she doesn't think he knew she was awake.
Police said Tuesday the gunman did not threaten Mary Katherine.
This statement contradicts earlier police reports that the kidnapper told the 9-year-old not to wake her parents or Elizabeth would be hurt. Mary Katherine took hours to alert her parents after Elizabeth's abduction.
Police originally told the press that Mary Katherine told them she was threatened, and that is why she waited so long to tell her parents.

Atkinson Tuesday described the suspect as a white male between 30 and 40 years old, between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 10 inches tall. They said that he has a medium build, with dark hair, and has dark hair on his arms and hands.
He was described as being dressed nicely in a polo shirt, golf hat and tan jacket. He was also wearing tan pants and dark shoes.
They said that a small handgun was used, and that the suspect was calm and spoke nicely.
"We believe this man may be a trusted person in the neighborhood or community," Atkinson said.
Atkinson also held up a similar pair of tennis shoes that the kidnapper allowed Elizabeth to take with her. They were white Ralph Lauren athletic shoes with dark stripes and thick soles.
On Monday, police in Salt Lake City said they're eliminating dead-end leads in the abduction case. But they're no closer to identifying a suspect.Salt Lake City Police Capt. Scott Atkinson

One new detail did emerge Monday -- Elizabeth's father said he left a garage door open the day before his daughter disappeared in the early hours of June 5.
Police said detectives were already aware the garage door had been open, and would not comment on its significance.
Investigators still want to talk to Bret Edmunds, who continues to elude them.

 Edmunds isn't a suspect, but he was spotted near the Smart home two days before the kidnapping, leading police to think he might have information in the case. And he was seen again at a candlelight vigil for the girl after she disappeared.