Monday, January 3, 2011

Mother Jones and the Smart questions that just will not go away...

Having read the comments ,this jumped out at me...I have a transcript of Elizabeths witness statement under' oath' and I presume this is true or 'Mother Jones' would not have published but I do not remember reading this.  I find the Smart story fascinating and wonder who put such thoughts into Elizabeths head, for I do not believe she made such horrors up herself.  I also doubt very much when in 2003 Mitchell was found fit to stand trial Elizabeth would have even known what she was told to say meant. Who ever is behind this has a very , very sick mind and I am looking at Ed Smart as I speak. I would also like to thank 'Mother Jones'
for such an amazing and well written article into Utah and its people.

For the very first time I feel truly sorry for Elizabeth Smart , I have always thought of her as a monster and if she is a monster it is her father who has made it so.


She testified and its in the transcript that A-she hadn't started her periods yet when kidnapped and B- when she did start whilst in California, Mitchell would rape her but then ejaculate into Wanda, who had had a hysterectomy already.

Mitchell didn't want any kids but only wanted a sex slave for his own carnal needs.