Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another opinion from America...

As time permits I'd like to post some direct quotes made by the Smart family. These I think might show what their mind set was at the time.

This one is from Tom Smart on Larry King Live one week to the day after his niece was allegedly kidnapped by an ARMED GUNMAN:

Tom Smart, message to the kidnapper tonight, what do you have to say?

SMART: I believe that this person is not a bad person at all. And our family has felt strongly for a while. And there's been a comfort here for a while.This is just somebody who actually likes Elizabeth. We don't know -- we have issues. We've been ripped apart by our polygraph. I don't know who has done what with my brothers.
We all have issues. Anybody's taken -- we've been ripped apart to the core. And we understand that everybody has issues. And we pray hard that whoever this is will know that the family is full of compassion towards everybody because this isa wonderful story, in a lot of ways.
Because it's about, foremost, a beautiful, little angelic girl. But it's also about -- everybody has issues no matter what. It crosses the boundaries on everything. It's an amazing story.

One week after the alleged napping Tom is telling us that the perp is really a nice guy that LIKES Elizabeth. He tells us that it is a wonderful story, an amazing story. He also seems to have some ISSUES with his and his brothers polygraphs.
They may not have known where Liz was but they knew who she was with one week after they manufactured a kidnapping story. IMO.