Monday, December 6, 2010

Who cares about Debra Frost...?...certainly not the 'Smarts'

QUOTE:  I think that something is really fishy about the Elizabeth Smart story. I live in Salt Lake City, and have never once witnessed such a wide spread search until the rich mormon girl disappeared. They even had “volunteers” go door to door in Salt Lake City asking people to check their back yards.

I think there are two awful side effects to this story.

1. When the truth comes out it will cause a big dramatic frenzy in the media, and the general public will stop listening to the missing child alerts.

2. The fact that this one girl was found, and such huge amounts of resources were devoted to the search. I think that really hurts those families who have loved ones who have gone missing. My sister Debbie Frost disappeared in 1984. A few newspaper articles, a milk carton, and 19 years later, she is still missing. The SLPD did very little to help her. This rich mormon girl got to go on a summer road trip, gets national media coverage, mysteriously surfaces minutes from Salt Lake City, gets a book deal, and lives happily ever after. Isn’t that just great? What about my sister?!?!

Here is a link to my sister’s information, incase someone knows what happened to her.
Debra Frost