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The Enquirer Begins To Get Smart
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Date: Sunday, 23-Jun-2002 18:04:53
The disappearance of Salt Lake City’s Elizabeth Smart has taken some surprising new twists:

The current edition of the National Enquirer, which has done yeoman’s work on the disappearance and murder of Chandra Levy, has hit the news stands with a World Exclusive, indicating that her father and her two uncles are intimately involved in Sado-Masochism, and homosexual affairs: the reporting cites sources familiar with the case, who say that diaries, and computer-stored homosexual adult pornography were discovered in a search of Edward Smart’s home office computer. And, his brother, Tom Smart, has also had his computer and hard-drive “confiscated” by investigators: the brother lives in Park City, Utah.

This is very explosive information, as one of the brothers so named has been appointed ‘the Smart family spokesman,’ and the conservative social dogma of the Mormons – the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – is not known for having a diffident attitude towards gay sexuality. Compiled by lead reporter Alan Butterfield, and with the help of Courtney Callahan, Michelle Caruso, Alan Smith and John South, the article is featured in a top-of-the-front page banner.
The Enquirer is on sale through July 2nd, 2002 ……

One additional note: the Federal Bureau of Investigation is intimately involved in compiling the details of the disappearance/abduction of this young lady, Elizabeth Smart. Their agents from the Salt Lake City office have travelled to West Virginia to interview Brett Michael Edmunds, who is said not to be a suspect in the disappearance and abduction of Smart, but who is wanted for questioning (and for fleeing from prosecution for a previous fracas with the police). He is in a hospital ward in Martinsburg, with liver problems related to drug abuse (he had a history of that, going back to his high school years).

Compare the considerable efforts being made by the FBI in regard to this matter, with their nearly complete lack of concern over the murder of blonde Suzanne Jovin, in New Haven, on December 4th of 1998.

What is the difference, here? Jovin was blonde, with blue eyes and a sweet temperament. She was well-liked and was beloved of her family, too.
The difference appears to be … that Jovin, a Yale College Senior, was writing a detailed research paper for her Senior Thesis on the subject of Osama bin Laden.

Was she murdered because of that? Was she murdered because only a few days earlier, a full professor at Yale had been arrested for having child pornography – much of it explicitly homosexual pornography – on his computer? Was she killed to send that professor, Antonio Lasaga, now a convicted felon and a proven pedophile, a message … as in – “don’t talk about what you know!” Was she?
Enquiring minds want to know.

Ed Smart like the McCanns did 'sue' the newspaper, but the damage was done ,the news was out there...which is why the accused Mitchell and Wanda have been held in jail for seven long years without charge..The Smarts needed time for people to forget. But there are those of us who never forget.