Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My post here are still brief. But in them I have offered other reasons why I believe that the Smart's were aware of Mitchell very early on in this case. I have covered while the police sat in the Smart home not knowing what type of case they had on their hands, and while the family had left the home to get away from those police officers to hold a private meeting, the neighbors and members of the Smarts' church went and searched areas that Mitchell was known to camp in and trails that lead to these camp spots. Of the entire Salt Lake valley that they could have initially searched, they went three for three in searching areas that Mitchell used. It's a big valley my friend. I have a better chance of winning the lotto than they did randomly searching those areas. They had to know something.

The July letter I mentioned that Ed discredited because it described a way that his daughter was dressing is another reason that I believe they knew who she was with. Again, how would he know a month later what a napper would dress his daughter in?
Lois, Elizabeth's mother was very good over the months at addressing Liz via the media. She had "snake woman" stories and horse stories that were about Liz being tossed from a horse and how she had to hike off of a mountain to retrieve her horse. Liz as we know spent a few months on the mountain just a few miles from the Smart home. That message I think was telling Liz to come off the mountain. But my favorite Lois message was one that I didn't understand when she first told it.

 She was addressing Liz directly during a press conference and she told Liz to remember Betsy Ross and to be strong. Well, I did a little research on Betsy and found that Betsy ran away and eloped and married outside of her religion. She was cast away by her family for the betrayal of her religion. As we know, Mitchell is said to have married Liz on the night she disappeared