Wednesday, December 1, 2010


How can Ed have 10 neighbors in the house at 3:28, 45 minutes before police arrive, but say he wasn't awakened by Mary until 3:58? His brother Tom reported that Ed called him at 3:30 with the news. Later, after Tom found out that Ed had made his 3:58 wake-up the official time, Tom retracted his 3:30 statements and said it was closer to 4:00. If your phone rang at that time what is the first thing you do? You look at the clock and ask who in the hell is calling at this time? Tom Smart has been in the Newspaper business 26 or so years, he knows time, he has lived by a clock all his life. He retracted his 3:30 call to cover for his brother. I know what you are thinking, and yes the police have seen the phone records.

So if you had just been told by your daughter that an armed gunman had taken her sister out of the home, are you going to leave the ARMED INTRUDER out of your 911 call?

Are you going to leave your wife and 5 other children in the home where this ARMED INTRUDER may still be to go check on your neighbors? Salt Lake dispatch would have had Ed round up his entire family and kept him on the line or had him exit the home with his entire family to the safety of a neighbors home. That is policy. We have Ed split and leave his family behind.

It's also important because keep in mind that the police didn't seal the home as a crime scene for three hours

They said they didn't know what type of case they had on their hands.

 As soon as the family meeting ended they sealed the home. It shows that the kidnapping story was born in that family meeting. What part of ARMED BURGLARY-CHILD KIDNAPPING would take the police three hours to understand?