Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Comment dated...27 September 2003

Much has been made about the sketch that was put together in Oct. of 2002 of Mitchell. The nine year old sister of Liz apparently had a sudden recollection of who the intruder was in the room the night of the alleged abduction. From that recollection and what Ed and Lois remembered of the man that worked on their home for five hours a year before, they had a sketch done. I am 100% convinced that the entire story about the sketch isn't true.

Elizabeth's mother Lois comes from the Francom family. Lois Francom-Smart. I would like to share her nieces wedding invitation and show where the Mitchell sketch really came from. All the stories of how the nine year old sister had the sudden recollection and they did a sketch with that information is not true.

Here are two links. One is a link of the sketch and the wedding invitation together for comparison. The other is of a web site that has the photo of Francom to show that it is indeed Lois' niece. Why would the Smart's release a sketch of a somewhat aged enhanced family member? I am calling for the FBI to re-enter this case and hold this family accountable for the fraud they have committed against the entire country.
COMMENT: I have not checked the links, most of the Smart old links contain a virus so beware. I am glad though that apart from Salt lake there are a lot of people who realise the Smart case is blatant fraud. I also wonder if the poster contacted the FBI if he or she did it obviously did not help as the Smarts are still living proof that crime does pay.