Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comment when Elizabeth was seen on the Winfrey show...

n6dzb9 wrote:
Elizabeth Smart reminds me, an awful lot, of Patty Hurst. I thought that Patty milked the situation but THIS kid is much worse. At least Patty really was abducted (in the begining). This kid willingly went with the guy.
Look, I understand that the guy was wrong. a child cannot legally give consent but this is one of those precocious, sneeky, chicks that screws things up for everybody. Instead of having John Ramsey on with her, it would be more fitting to put her on with that "Runaway Bride" that got Mexican Men locked-up (No one EVER interviewed any of them) and would have gotten her Fiance locked-up as well. Another crazy chick that would be more appropriate to share the stage with Elizabeth Smart, would be Susan Smith (the one who sent the police locking-up Black Men wearing hats, because that was the description that she gave of the perp whom "stole her children" after she'd killed them - NO ONE EVER interviewed ANY of the men who were locked-up for questioning on that case either).
Think about it.