Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Smarts cashing in on their daughter

Smart Movie (2003)

Last week Ed Smart brought to our attention his plans for a made for television film and a book deal. This movie is set to be released at the same time the two defendants in Ed's daughters abduction are set to begin court proceedings. There is something terribly wrong with that. Ed and CBS it seems are looking to benefit from all the media attention the court proceedings will bring. This attention will be converted into free advertising for both the CBS movie and Ed's Doubleday book.

Personally, I haven’t any interest in Mr. Smarts' book or movie. I do have an interest in the truth surrounding the alleged abduction of Elizabeth Smart. Honesty seems to have eluded everyone involved in this case.
 If anyone looks at the case closely they will find many inconsistencies on the Smarts' part concerning the morning of June 5, 2002.
The 911 call, although public record, has been secreted away.
 It is very difficult to accept that this was reported as an armed intruder/child kidnapping. The police department take such reports very seriously and it would not have taken the SLPD three hours to determine that they had a child abduction on their hands. In fact, the police didn't realize they had a kidnapping until after the Smart family had left the scene to hold a family meeting at another residence. It was after this family meeting ended that the police sealed the home as a crime scene and begin to handle the case as a kidnapping.

The truth will surface in the Smart case in time. I won't be looking for the truth in the CBS-Smart movie or their book. These deals are plain and simple about money and a father that is further exploiting his daughter to make a dishonest buck.