Friday, December 17, 2010

Ed Smart helping Gerry McCann

Gerry McCann rushed straight to Washington in 2007 and many wondered why, Madeleine certainly was not with Ed Smart. I wonder if Ed Smart would have been so quick to protect Dr.McCann if he had known of the suggested paedophilia amongst the group of Doctors? This witness statement  (please read above link), in the book written by the detective who worked on the case...maybe many will now see why the McCanns do not wish for this book to be published in English and why it is vital for them to destroy Dr.Goncalo Amaral. NANCY GRACE likes cold cases, maybe she could invite Dr.Amaral and have a little chat about his book. I think this is only fair as the McCanns ,thanks to Ed Smart appeared on the Ophrah Winfrey show.

The Smarts had a movie up and running within eight months of Elizabeths 'traumatic 'return from nine months of hell. Elizabeth , so traumatised by her ordeal wished to relive it all over again by playing herself in the American drama  (her kind offer was declined). The entire family jumped on the bandwagon and there were books galore about the 'Mormon girl' who after claiming to have been raped four times each day, weeks of being tethered to a tree did not go to the hospital but went home to play her harp  and watch her favourite movie 'The Trouble with Angels'

Money is what it is all about and I leave you with a quote from the investigator who co-ordinated the McCann case Dr.Goncalo Amaral.( The McCanns are at the moment doing an 'Ed Smart' they too are writing a book. The parents of Madeleine are now directors of the fund which means the money will go straight into their pockets.) One might say that is a 'Smart' move..

If the McCanns admit that their daughter is dead, they can no longer collect money from the Maddie fund, and that's a lot of money, over one million pounds. That's why they say that the girl was abducted."