Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Smarts may have fooled America...but the McCanns have fooled the Smarts

The Smarts have pulled the wool over the American peoples eyes, or have they? Who would dare to speak out now and accuse the Smarts of fraud ? There are a few American forums  discussing the case again and realising there is something wrong with this picture but too late and too long ago to change any crime that may have  been committed.

The McCanns, also committing fraud on a daily basis , there are inconsistancies in the fund and the lies told of a campaign in Spain that never happened.  There is also the matter of suggested paedophilia within the group of NHS doctors. Ed Smart, aware of the luxury of' knowing the right people' , rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous,  has now himself become one of the untouchables and it feels good.

 The McCann's also have friends in high places. Ed Smart may have fooled America but Madeleines parents have fooled Ed Smart, I wonder how that makes him feel to have beeen used and made a fool of in such a blatant way ?   Now thats what I call Karma.

In the link below, a perfect example of the games the McCanns play...with their accomplices, the British media.