Monday, December 13, 2010

Ed Smart bad mouthed the Portuguese Investigation

Ed Smart who likes to think he is the 'expert' on child abduction when his own daughter 'only' ran away tried to discredit the Portuguese Investigation into missing Madeleine McCann.

It was Ed Smart who repeated on Larry King Live that Gerry believed the Portuguese police would plant evidence in the hire car  and he also put down the Portuguese investigation..these comments made before the car was tested...and yes evidence was found.

I believe we in the States  believe our 'highly trained' dogs when they pick up on cadaver and our child is missing...but not the McCanns, the dogs are ' Unreliable' they say...but the McCanns do not mention the dogs picked up on the mothers clothing , Madeleines toy and a patch of garden  , two areas in the apartment. PLUS a small childs T Shirt.  Another dog followed and picked up on the same garments...Forgive me if I am wrong but would we not find this as an indication that something had happened here and look to the parents for answers?

WIKILEAKS cables reveal it was the British Police force behind the McCanns becoming suspects in the ,what we now believe death of their daughter...Fancy words and not many understand 'arguido' arguido stauts was lifted because they refused to return to Portugal to do the reconstruction to help police find out what happened night May 3rd. The McCanns cannot return and do this because they know their lies would be revealed. The McCanns are not and never have been cleared in this case...The McCanns are still suspects in the disappearance of their daughter which is why they do not ask for the case to be re-opened.

'Ed Smart knows in his heart they are innocent.' takes a little bit more than hearts to prove innocence....forensic and cadaver dog findings help to lead you in the right direction , lies from Madeleines parents who refuse to answer questions to help find their daughter, make you suspicious of their  involvement....and a child'abduction' according to the McCanns took place while the father was standing outside  the apartment...took all of four minutes. The man he was talking to at the time facing the apartment saw or heard nothing. Gerry McCann has tried to pressure Jez Wilkins (the witness in question) and Jez has reported this.

The profiler  however, interviewed on Larry King Live,  lives in the real world and not a 'fantasy' like Ed Smart, reveals it is highly likely the McCanns are involved in the disappearance of their child.